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Time is a funny thing. Once your work life becomes repetitive and busy, it’s easy to just let the autopilot drive you through month to month. I will admit, I’ve been doing that as of late… if that makes sense. I find it easy to just close my eyes and wait for the next month, which in retrospect, might not be the best way to spend your time. Am I going to wake up and find that I’m 40 with no recollection of the past 10 or so years?

In terms of my job, I’ve moved on to a new company, which is always frightening, exciting, and sad. I think it was just a mood I was in, but I really missed my old coworkers for the first part of the week. I still do, but I really need to get over that.

The first few weeks are really just the worst. You don’t remember anyone’s names, you feel awkward, and you feel mostly restricted to your desk. It’s hard, you know? Coming from a place where I had a lot of free reign and lots of fun coworkers to goof around with, it’s been a little lonely. Still, the past week has been pretty busy. Not that things didn’t get busy at my last gig, but as of late, there has been a lot of down time. And jumping into the fray at the busiest time of year is … awkward.

A question I’ve asked myself for the past month was … “when do you know when enough is enough?” And my current answer is that you don’t, but you need to weigh it out with other circumstances and opportunities. You might not be at the end of your rope, yet, but you can’t let another opportunity pass you by.

I left my job without really saying a proper goodbye to everyone, since the last 2 days were effected by the snowpacolypse. I didn’t go in Thursday and Friday, no one was in. It was in a way… easier that way. No awkward goodbyes, because I was dreading that. I would have liked to get drinks with couple of people, though, but that might happen this week. When I came to my last job, couple of people were leaving and there was a great to do about them. Now, it’s changed, which is a shame. (Not that I really wanted anything for myself. There were others leaving before I left, and there was nothing really planned for them.)

Work culture fascinates me. In the last 10 years, I’ve seen a number of environments and I have to say, the most dysfunctional places forges the strongest bonds.

I developed an annoying cough the weekend before I started my new job. REALLY ANNOYING. I managed this WHOLE time to avoid getting sick. And now… to add to the annoyances of being in an unfamiliar place, everyone probably thinks I am carrying the plague, too.

My mood has been easy to foul… lately.

In other news, two of my coworkers have fashion blogs, or something. One of them asked me and the other ladies in my room to post for a Korean fashion blog. Apparently my coworker and I both raised our brows and said… “For what? To show what NOT to wear?” I think I was wearing a thick, semi sparkly gray turtle neck from express and thick gray slacks from Banana Republic. He told me to wear my purple scarf, cause “It looks cool,” he says. That an my blue patent pumps… OMG. I just checked the site and there I am buried among other photos of random New Yorkers. I won’t link there, because it’s quite unflattering.

Overall I really like the people I work with. The people training me are very thorough and very supportive. I feel lucky. Overall I have never been in a circumstance where my direct supervisor sucked. If there was any discontent, it was usually at a higher level…

I’m waiting for spring.

At my work, we get tons of crazy fan mail. That above is some weird LONG letter complete with photo copied bills and a real $1 bill. What’s up with that? I don’t know.

Heard at work…

Ring ring (coworker’s phone)
“Sure, I’ll transfer you…”

Ring ring (my phone… wtf?)

Me: Hello
CEO: Hey, do you have twitter?
Me: Yes…
CEO: What’s your name. Oh this is *** by the way.
Me: I know. It’s the name of my website domain name.
CEO: What’s that?
Me: You’re not going to let me have my secrets?
CEO: Uhg! Fine, fair enough!
Me: I have different accounts for different purposes… (insert lengthy explanation here)
CEO: So… what should my screename be? I don’t want to be one of those dorks.

Someone asked me whether I stayed overnight. I don’t think it was because of my diligence, but because of my bad hair…

I stayed late in the office subsisting on peeps. Sugar. It was disgusting.

We all just crowded around someone’s monitor and watched the procession around 10am-1pm. I flittered between doing my work and looking over my co-worker’s shoulder.

I like the speech and I was wowed by how many people showed up. Another co-worker was somewhere there amongst the craziness… infecting people with her cold. How lovely. But really, it must have been amazing to be there in that moment.

I have been feeling good. Tired, but good. However, some time in the evening today, I realized that I’ve let these paranoid antisocial feelings crawl back up again. I think it’s the winter days and the fact that I don’t see the sun during the weekdays except for the small walk to and from the train station every morning. Otherwise, I get off around 6pm-7pm and it’s dark.

I remember now how much the daily drudge of the subway commuting and losing most of my day sucks. Of course the grass is always greener. Ideally I would be able to feel productive while still getting out at a decent hour around 4pm and 5pm. I think people need days like that during the winter.

Not like that is going to happen any time soon, though.

Surprisingly the iPhone is keep my spirits up. I wasn’t one to get attached to a phone (maybe a camera, but never a phone in the past), but I feel that I would completely feel handicapped if I was ever to lose it.

This is pretty awesome. I am in love. This will probably ruin my life.