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I downloaded the new software after playing with my coworker’s new iphone. It isn’t the same as getting a new and shiny one, but it is close enough. For the most part, it looks pretty nifty. They allow for more apps, voice recorder, etc… However, I am getting really annoyed at how the WordPress app is not allowing me to upload pictures to my server.

REALLY ANNOYING! It’s been my application of choice, being the lazy blogger that I am.

Last week, I tried to upload wordpress 2.6.5 to 2.7. In the beginning it went fine. I made a new post and went to bed. I made a post about Kiva.Org. My friend also mentioned she saw my post when I went over to her place for Christmas dinner. Hence, I am not going crazy.

Later that night, I went on my blog and it disappeared. I didn’t notice that at first, but what I did notice was that the dashboard reverted back to 2.6.5. My database was updated. There were remnants of the 2.7 files. My wp-config file was the updated version, so I didn’t know what was wrong.

I deleted the admin and include folders and recopied 2.7 around 2… 3 times. The first time nothing changed. Then I deleted the database and installed the new 2.7 seperate, etc.

One issue that might have triggered this is that I was finally moving over my site to dreamhost, and the nameserver change could have f-ed things up. Another is that I just got hacked.

Earlier today, my site turned into the default site for wordpress with no entries. The title said, “Ahhhh.” I don’t remember doing that, but maybe I just messed with it too much. I tried to log into the admin and it didn’t take any of my passwords. I think I’ve been hacked.

In the end, today, I deleted every file. Then I deleted my database. Then I uploaded all the 2.7 files. I manually moved over my theme folders and upload folder. Then, finally I imported my database.


But now the question is whether this will be here in the morning when I wake up.

I’ve only updated the backend of this site 2 times. One of those times was this morning. I came back from Japan to find that a whole month or so of my posts were absolutely gone. It could be from my server (which I have yet to hear from). Maybe they crashed and the last backup was a pathetically old one? Unfortunately I did not save frequent backup of my database files.

I suspect that this site was hacked by bots. I think that the culprit is an old plugin I never updated. That, and the security was compromised, because I never updated the backend. F-me.

I sort of suspected that things were wonky, because frequently my posts would turn off the comments themselves. (this is also why I suspect that particular plugin – since it was aimed at the comments feature) Unfortunately, I didn’t think it was a big deal to take some time to update. Shame on me.

Sigh. So… here I am. Fortunately, i can bring up some of the posts (the picture posts), because I can copy and paste them from another site I update. Still, this really sucks.

I spent this morning backing up my physical files, databases, and updating the wordpress backend to the new 2.6. : P