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OK. I know this was a big trend before, but can I just say that I love the animal graphic sweater/tee trend?

It’s so cute. And now that it’s old news, I still want to continue wearing my dog print sweater and fox print beanie. Truth be told, I’ve always loved animal stuff. I have couple of small dolls and sculptures around the apartment of animals (birds, owls, deer, and foxes), and I love animal graphics on clothes. (I have a fox dress that I bought in Williamsburg that I love and a deer ring that can stab you with its antlers.)

I’ve already accepted that I will look like someone who just can’t get away from fall of 2012.

I feel like it’s that little old lady in me. In another generation, I would have been that lady with a huge boho bag in some crazy bird pattern with all these porcelain animals everywhere. Maybe a glass menagerie chirping on about some gentleman caller? Perhaps.

When I cleaned my closet, I lost a couple of sweaters to moths. Maybe that’s why I let myself buy a couple of sweaters at old navy, one of them being a bird cardigan (in navy).

(found at old navy)

Buying new things was against one of the rules I set for myself for the capsule wardrobe. I have more than enough stuff. Still… I just couldn’t resist. The kicker is that everything I bought was on sale (1 $10 sweater, 1 $20 sweater, and $20 button down shirt). IN ADDITION, since I bought $50, I got free shipping and an extra 30% off for using a mobile phone and code “MOBILE.” I got those three items for $35. How amazing is that?

So… hopefully I don’t get too many eye rolls, but I think that sweater is ADORABLE.