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So, I know that I need to update this thing. It’s been hard, because the only time I can really update it is from work… it’s been busy.

So, I am spending a few minutes before popping out to a superbowl party writing, here. I am interested in the comaraderie. I have also NEVER been to a superbowl party, so I am interested in what these people do. I am not one to watch this thing for the commercials. I just watch the choiciest ones on the internet later.

I know, advertisers hate me.

I think I might be one of those people who are a little slow. I need time to regroup. I need time to sloth around a bit. Instead of it being evenly divided throughout the day, I get my whole sloth time in on the weekend and at the end of the day. I think it is a little unproductive. Meh. Complain complain complain.

I do need to shape up a bit. I can’t button my smurf pants. Bad. I am beginning to be like a teapot.

Quick updates:

There was a fire in my work building. The whole top floors were smoked out. The culprit was a fire in a small mailbox that an employee doused with water and failed to notify anyone. Apparently that little thing smoked out the top floors. We had to walk down 32 flights… (in theory, I should have ,but I took the elevator. I will be that douche-bag that gets stuck on the elevator during a crises.)

I think the iphone requires one too many clicks to make a phone call. It should be simple. I do enjoy the GPS map system, though. The best app is the Ocarina that lets you play a song. I AM GOING TO BE THE BEST IPHONE PLAYER EVER!!!

I went to see the John Adam’s opera, the Death of Klinghoffer and had a wonderful time.

I also went to see Groanbox at Le Poisson Rouge, where I heard a cute John Adams diddy and the premier of the new David Bruce piece.

I am breaking out like crazy. I know why, but it sucks.

I hate those “Little bit of luck lotto commercials.” CREEPY.

I’ve only updated the backend of this site 2 times. One of those times was this morning. I came back from Japan to find that a whole month or so of my posts were absolutely gone. It could be from my server (which I have yet to hear from). Maybe they crashed and the last backup was a pathetically old one? Unfortunately I did not save frequent backup of my database files.

I suspect that this site was hacked by bots. I think that the culprit is an old plugin I never updated. That, and the security was compromised, because I never updated the backend. F-me.

I sort of suspected that things were wonky, because frequently my posts would turn off the comments themselves. (this is also why I suspect that particular plugin – since it was aimed at the comments feature) Unfortunately, I didn’t think it was a big deal to take some time to update. Shame on me.

Sigh. So… here I am. Fortunately, i can bring up some of the posts (the picture posts), because I can copy and paste them from another site I update. Still, this really sucks.

I spent this morning backing up my physical files, databases, and updating the wordpress backend to the new 2.6. : P