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I was a little apprehensive about coming here. However, now that I am here I am really excited. We just arrived in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, yesterday. Today, we have vouchers to go to the Ghibli museum in Mitaka (the Miyazaki one). Otherwise, we are in Tokyo for a week and then we are planning on heading out to Kansai.

The smell of this place is really making me sentimental. I really enjoy being here. I have to say that I am disappointed I won’t be getting to go to Kyushuu to visit my Grandmother. I had to recall why I originally didn’t make those plans. (My grandmother sold her house… and things were a bit hectic… long travel… and just not worth the bother if I wasn’t going to stay there for a while. I usually come to Japan for 3 months at a time.)

It’s weird being here without my mother or without seeing family. I view this country as a total family affair… so… but this time, I think we will be able to hang out and engulf some of the night life around here.

Check out Ryan’s Prospect Park Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring Remix concert on NPR.