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I took progress photos intent on posting pre-finished product. However, I just never got off my ass to walk over to my laptop all of last week. Meh.

Here is the finished product!!

I got a beautiful skein of 100% mongolian cashmere yarn from Jade Sapphire. The color is called “Blueberries and Plum.” For the most part it is deep blue with shades of grayish blue and subtle purple flecks. It’s beautiful. I was looking for a fun brighter blue, but I absolutely fell in love with the yarn and color while knitting it up.

The ribbing is done in 100% Merino wool.

You see that mess there? I hate weaving in the ends. I finished the gloves and had to put them down for a day, because that unruly mess truly scared me.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY TEDIOUS… weaving ends in. I still have the other pair of that pink and yellow glove not weaved in or blocked. I am lazy.

Although it is under florescent light, you can see the variation in color there. The hand model is Sophea. It is very soft.

And yet, even as we speak and as it is in use, I have yet to block it. Eh.