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I finally received my new digital camera in the mail today.

(preparing the piano.. aka “did I leave my panties here last night?”)

Why does it seem like whenever I get an electronic device on the internet, it is bulky and huge. You know, like that brick of a phone I used to lug around.

It’s quite sensitive with tons of auto controls of every possible situation, museums (no flash, sound, etc..), snow, parties, bukkake parties… the works. I dislike that it doesn’t have many manual controls.

It’s funny. I remember with my Pentax camera, it was love at first sight. the canon Elph that I had before was quite comfortable in my hands, also. This one is taking some time. I like shooting at ISO 400 on manual for the most part. Otherwise, I haven’t found the equivalent of messing with the white balance, like I liked doing with my last one. (My poor old digital camera is held together by scotch tape. Every time I recharge the batteries, I replace the tape.)

My boyfriend has a Fujifilm camera that is cute enough and compact, but shoots at too high of an ISO. I am not impressed with the auto settings of Fuji cameras.

I need to experiment with ways of capturing indoor light better.

I am trying to incorporate an interesting “photo of the day” here. Keep a look out!