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I just can’t. What the hell is this weather? I didn’t sign up for this. Last year, it hardly went over 80. The summers were beautiful and occasionally it got dry and hot, but nothing like the sweaty humidity that’s the East coast. It’s funny how quickly we forget the things that are uncomfortable. I had COMPLETELY forgotten (or blocked out – whatever is more appropriate) the ridiculous humidity of the East coast during the summer. When I got off the plane in June, the 70% humidity (and it was only in the 70s, guys) just knocked me over. My hair, no joke, was soaked my entire trip. Even when it’s 100, it never gets to be that way here… but seriously… 105? This is just absurd.

What little of what I planted in the garden is all starting to flower. That may sound nice, but you don’t want your vegetables to flower or the leaves/vegetables become incredibly bitter. :( My cilantro, spinach, and lettuce all flowered, because of this oppressive heat. The veggies just weren’t having it. They quit. All my raspberries came in early. My grass is dying (which is fine). Uhg. Tomatoes are my only hope. They are the only thing that will do well in this heat. Hopefully.

This weekend, I was enjoying a new purchase that came… I ordered some headpieces off of Etsy by starzselection. The price is really affordable, especially considering that on Prince St. they sell regular feather headbands for $30-40. I’m addicted to Etsy. I bought some knitting patterns, also. Hrm.

It bloomed again!!

A friend of mine is doing an art card project, which I made a little murakami-esque flower for.

The flower, leaf piece and the border was crocheted. (the border has two layers of crochet on top) The stem and one leaf was stitched on. The whole thing is stitched onto to some thick paper. THe eyes and mouth were embroidered on.

I title it: “Life sucks in yarn, too.”