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I fell in love with this little charm. There are tons of beautiful pieces over at Bittersweets My favorite is this charm, the heart and dagger, and lily ring. And actually, the maggot charm or necklace is pretty innovative and kind of cute. It’s right up my alley.

I want this necklace so much! Hrm. I think it would be a sweet gift to give a crush. *hint* You know, wear a preserved heart in place of a little valentine token. Ok, perhaps my futile attempts to get people to have pity for me is a little pathetic. My poor bleeding heart doesn’t need anymore attention… or maybe I should say my poor died pickled heart cast in silver. : P

And the even cooler thing is that Bittersweets gives classes in the basement of their boutique on wax and metal casting. If I had the resources to buy materials, i would TOTALLY take advantage of this.

Look at that! Totally hot! My heart still remains with the likewise organ, but I dare say that stacking up those maggots might be the cutest idea yet!

Anyway, I think the class is a great gift idea. You get to come out of it with something unique that you made yourself. Maybe it’s because I’ve been feeling particularly stir crazy and crafty. I think this is something anybody can appreciate, even if you tend to not like stringing bodily organs around your neck, via fashion by the goddess Kali. Bones? Skulls? Anyone?