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Tori Amos came out with a new album today. I pre-ordered a hard copy of the delux version, so I caved and downloaded the leaked digital version early. (That, and the whole album was streamable on myspace officially.) I have to say that the whole thing is a darker, more adult, but I still wish it was a tad bit edgier. It was lackluster.

I love her and all, but the album lacks anything extraordinary. Overall it is a bit sexier and loungier. I like “Strong Black Vine” (where you get a taste of “From the Choirgirl Hotel” She’s Your Cocaine rock), Flavor, and Curtain Call. I feel like Flavor is on the cusp of being something I would love… but it feels too tried. Fire to Your Plain and Police me is also enjoyable, but lacks any distinguishing features that when done right by Tori, is amazing.

None of it excites me, though. Some of the songs listed above have some real potential to be electric during a live performance, but in the album, they seem a bit bland and too cohesive in a droning way.

One thing that baffles me, though, is that in the preliminary reviews, everyone compares her to Kate Bush. That comparison should die in this album… Although the sad thing is that I think the album could be a bit better if it was little Bushier.

Perhaps I will change my tune after listening to it for a while. And don’t get me wrong, you’ll still find me supporting her daughter’s college education fund by going to a few concerts.

I am aware that the comment boxes don’t line up correctly. I am just way too lazy to fix it. If I am going to fix it, I would rather just make a new layout.

So there.

The Superbowl was pretty much kick-ass! Any game that makes me interested is a good thing. I didn’t know who was playing until earlier today when I hung out with Genevieve and her husband Chris. Gen was rooting for the Steelers and Chris was rooting for the Cardinals. I didn’t have a preference, until I stumbled upon my friend Mike’s party after the halftime. The Cardinals were behind, so I started rooting for them.

I was basically rooting for the underdog and the way the Cardinals turned it around was pretty amazing. Then I sorta wanted the Steelers to score a field goal so the game would go on to overtime… I just wanted to start some trouble. Instead, we got to see a pretty cool touchdown (although the footage of him catching it was cool, I imagine the throw to be harder). All in all, I was interested.

I don’t think I would be watching any more football games out of my own accord, but it was pretty cool.

We got awesome pizza from Ralph’s on 56th and 9th. Apparently they waited for Papa John’s pizza for 2 hours and finally turned away the pizza guy when they came after 2 phone calls (and the last one was very rude).

Everything chased with a new episode of the Office!