So, in the end I didn’t run the Marathon. I was still conflicted until the end. I was so sick before that I completely stopped running (since it was respiratory). I missed the Bronx 10 Miler and I dropped out of the 18 mile tune up after 12 miles. The last race I ran was the Staten Island Half. I still thought maybe I can power walk it and do some last races to get guaranteed entry again the next year. However, Sandy came and went and the Marathon never happened. The Dash was canceled, also. NYRR promised everyone publicly that they would be given guaranteed entry for either the NYC Marathon or Half Marathon as their choice.

We have all been getting antsy, and there’s been a lot of angry comments on the NYRR facebook. I mean, it’s already OVER a month. If I had known the resolution right after the Marathon, I would have been able to do a plan B and get guaranteed entry into 2013, by running 2 additional races. That being said, Sandy brought everything into perspective, and really, it’s a true first world problem. Still, every week that goes by, opportunity that was open to us is no longer available. Finally we received an email about a resolution. 1) We can ask for a full refund and we will not have guaranteed entry into the Marathon or Half (this doesn’t include the $11 registration fee). 2) Guaranteed entry into the 2013, 2014, or 2015 Marathon. We will need to pay the 2012 Marathon fee again on the appropriate year. 3) Guaranteed entry into the 2013 NYC Half. We will need to pay the 2013 fee.

I think that is actually a really good decision, at least for local folks. I mean can you imagine paying 1000+ on plane fare and hotels, because Guiliani told you to come to NYC and that the Marathon will not be canceled? If they canceled it earlier, many people would have been able to get full or partial refunds. I mean, I was getting nervous and I thought my opportunity for running the Marathon without doing another 9+1 passed. Especially when NYRR sent a note out saying their 9+1+1 for 2012 is valid for 2013. However, NYRR’s recent decision meant that I could either get a full refund, or pay another $250 and run the Marathon. Argh. Tough decisions. I was pleased with the decision. I was surprised (especially since they were angering so many people) that they were able to give the option of a full refund.

I can always get the refund then run the 9+1 again this year for 2014 entry. I wish I would have finished my 9+1 this year, considering I volunteered already. However, my sickness kept me from the Bronx and 18 Mile Tune up, and I didn’t have the opportunity to register for another race. (During the last two races of the year – I will be in Portland.)

Then again, I just want to run it already and cross it off my bucket list. Who knows where I will be in 2014.

20121223-223209.jpgI know it’s bad form (and luck!) to wear a shirt you never ran. But it’s a sweet practice shirt and I hope it keeps me motivated. I also paid $250 for it. (I hear they are still giving them out if you never got to the Expo and you give them your bib number at NYRR office.)

In other news, I just found out that I got entry into the NYC Half Marathon, so it crosses off the last option (getting entry into the NYC Half). I also need to start training. I’m also thinking of doing the Manhattan Half at the end of January. This all means, running season is starting again. This year, I am thinking of running at least 3 Half Marathons (Manhattan, NYC, and Brooklyn), and then 2 other Borough Races (Queens & Bronx? Not going near Staten Island again).

Justin-Bieber-Girlfriend-Fragrance-CommercialI was probably the last person on earth to see Brad Pitt’s ridiculous Chanel commercial (It’s like a bad parody of Calvin Klein commercials from the 90s – like Eternity, remember? Watch this Conan clip, which is great.). I don’t watch TV at home. I have an antennae that I bought a month ago, but Ryan and I pretty much watch HBO GO and Netflix. So it wasn’t until I was at my mom’s that I saw the commercial for Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend fragrance. That is some smart marketing. I felt skeevy watching it. They are strumming on the very heart strings of desperate girls. Not only is the perfume titled “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend,” but the commercial is done from the viewer’s perspective, as his girlfriend. He’s whispering I love yous, and ducking in close to caress you, and it was… SOOO SKEEVY. All the while he serenades you with his “If I was your boyfriend.” And as much as I make fun of this shit, I think back in the day, if JTT came out with anything that manipulated teenage girl’s delusions, I would have been there.

Hmm and just a little bit for the first time in my life, I can sort of see the allure. Or maybe I’ve watched one too many Justin Bieber commercials on MTV while watching Jersey Shore reruns? Hmmm. (I should be ashamed, right?)

I need to take better photos and get some new shams and bedding (notice the bedding cut out from the picture), but the headboard is done! Ryan got the plywood, attached the foam/cut it to shape, and attached the first layer of batting. I helped him with the final fabric in order to pull it taut. I am also a little anal about folding the corners. We just need to find some interlocking components to hang this thing (or a d ring or something).


This is us just leaning it against the wall. I need to get new bedding and all, but for a night’s work, it’s pretty nice, no? Pretty whimsical? I am thinking of adding some molding to the border, a la Centsational Girl’s French Inspired Headboard. (Look at that photo set up! I need to get a duvet cover that’s not a depressing black and brown.)


This is going to have to wait until after the Holidays. And a side table. Something gray/white/light and cute. And some flowers. I need to lighten up that room.

All in all

Edit: Finished Product


Honestly, I know what I like, but I am severely design challenged. All this is a result of watching old Queer Eye for the Straight Guy episodes during Hurricane Sandy, feeling icky about the world and my apartment. See, and now with couple of easy changes, my apartment would have been a much nicer place to spend a week. (If you saw my apartment during the week of the hurricane, you would have thought a bunch of frat guys live there. Fo sho. (Just substitute the Amy’s Soup cans with Campbell’s.) I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.)

I am WAY too embarrassed to post any “before” pictures.

To give you an idea of the things we have been up to:

  • Bought Bathroom shelving to liven up our depressing bathroom. (We both separately left our friend Genevieve & Chris’s place with the same thought, “why does her bathroom look so cozy and nice?” So this was partly inspired by them, post Thanksgiving. In other news, our other friend Kris came over and liked it so much, he went to pick up the same thing at our local store. Did we mention we bought this at our fake dollar store for like $22?)
  • Finally built that shelving unit I bought at Ikea over the summer.
  • Moved our second hand mail table to make room for the shelf. Cleverly put the table on top of the shoe rack to cover.
  • Bought some CHEAP SOFT AMAZING towels on sale at JCPenny that kind of changed our outlook on life before noon and coffee. (Not so much a decorating win – but helped make our apartment a place that didn’t want to make me want to hang myself.)
  • FINALLY put out Ryan’s Egyptian tablets, cats, and marble plates. My contribution was putting out an obscene number of candles that I had been hoarding.
  • FINALLY put out some pictures and frames that have been gathering dust in the depths of our bedroom.
  • Bought Ryan the Vittsj√∂ shelving unit for our anniversary to house his projects.
  • Also helped that during Sandy was when the last of our Halloween Decorations went into the storage. Although the bleeding white angels were out until this weekend. :P Woops.
  • Bought the slipcover, and finally broke it out this weekend. Also finally took the Ofelia throw out of storage.
  • Ryan cleaned out his closet. Mine is … still a disaster zone.
  • Kind of feeling like an adult post 30.

All this was post Sandy. There is nothing like spending a week STUCK INSIDE to question your very existence in such sad decor.

And now, there is still SO MUCH TO DO.

  • Sew up some pillow covers for shams (oh yeah, and buy some shams)
  • Have Ryan finish our headboard. Buy a duvet cover. GET SOME LITTLE PILLOWS (I am clearly on some wicked pillow kick.)
  • Clean ikea couch/find slip cover/GET PILLOWS
  • Find a rug for the TV area
  • Buy more storage solutions for the closet.
  • Buy a small side table – one for the couch, another for the bedroom (Kind of like this this or a taller version of this.)
  • Some new curtains for the office? (Something light and airy. Light gray.)
  • More picture frames to fill the bedroom wall.
  • Framed cork board for the office and bedroom.
  • Paint the dresser in the bedroom, wooden chair, side table in the bedroom.

I have obviously given this some thought. My aim is to make the office fun, living room clean, and make the bedroom not a purgatory for used clothing and shit we don’t want people to see around the apartment, and overall another room that is pleasant to be in. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Ryan and I lived with a bunch of talented graphic artists/painters who left their self portraits behind. Although I do like some of them, I am feeling like we put most of our art up to take up white space. I’m thinking I want a little more variety and thoughtfulness put into what is in our apartment. It’s kind of sad that it took Hurricane angst and some dated show (OMG – Can we bring that show back?!) to get me to this point. I can’t believe I’ve lived the last 3 years (I guess when I officially moved in on the lease) in indifference. I mean, Ryan’s friend Amy did a good job with the apartment (and her art is beautiful), but as the law of chaos rules our apartment, things have gotten a little out of hand in the past 2 years. (Too much kitchen appliances! Too many documents Ryan refuses to get rid of! Too much of my shoes and clothes! Too much little painted guys. In our defense though, we just discovered the greatness of investing in good storage space to hide the unsightly items of our daily lives. I think most of what was standing between us and clutter was lack of plastic boxes, decorative storage space, and shelves. Why did it take so long to notice this?)

So I’m reminded of Bill Mahr when he said

If you’re over 30 years old and you’re still sleeping on a futon, you need to reevaluate your life. It’s not a hipster alternative to a mattress; it’s a dog bed for humans. And don’t tell me they’re big in Japan. So is sleeping in a paper house and molesting schoolgirls on the bullet train.

It was kind of offensive.

That being said I did feel like a big baby sleeping on a futon mattress. I couldn’t even use my Japanese ancestry, since it wasn’t as if I was making the bed into a couch or using it for space saving. And I was kind of embarrassed of having it as my primary couch, once I moved the futon out of the bedroom. It was thick, rough and green. Seriously. That being said, I picked up the Surfit Ikat couch cover on sale online, and I have to say I love the look.

I’ve always been a little afraid of graphics, but I laid an Ikea Ofelia throw on top, and it looks great. Overall with the sale, this couch make over cost me approx. $60. We need some throw pillows to complete the look. I like that the couch is sort of getting some inspiration from these abstract prints we have displayed, one black ink on white, and another black canvas with magnetic elements.

My pillows are hideous, which is a separate thing all together. (There is this disgusting gray green pillow that Ryan loves to use on his lap when he is eating anything out of a bowl. Yeah. Ick. I’m not sure what would look good on the couch. I am thinking solid white textural elements. Maybe black? I wanted to add some red and color in there, since I have a red Ikea Karlstad couch.

Edited: Here is our couch!


I’ve been bit by the home improvement bug. Maybe it’s the promise that organization will improve your life and just wanting to surround yourself with pretty things. I’ve been reading too many inspirational blogs. I saw Centsational Girl’s headboard project and totally fell in love. Among many things, my bedroom is missing a headboard.

In fact, it wasn’t until recently, after the age of 30, that Ryan and I graduated from the full size futon. It didn’t bother me, because it was nice and firm. Ryan complained about back problems. Beds are so expensive, though. Luckily, when a good friend of mine was moving across the country (boo!) I had dibs on her mattress. She sold it to me for a steal. I thought I had dibs on her bed, as well, but her roommate took it. Either way, I got a highly rated metal frame in place of slats or box spring, and it works great. I imagine it’s a little on the firmer side, because of it, but I hardly notice. It was all on a budget. We’ve been sleeping great ever since, but our bedroom was just drabby on a good day. I’ve been pining for a headboard ever since.

Ryan and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary and the traditional gift is wood. I decided to get him a glass display case with wood top and bottom. He’s keeping it in the office and displaying his art. Ryan is building me a headboard. We went to pick out the fabric. I originally wanted something light and whimsical, but I kept getting attracted to light neutral stripes. Ryan picked out the duralee twiggy pattern below in blue haze. It doesn’t quite match our curtains, but I am hoping the contrast is pleasing. He told me he was trying to channel what I would like. And I original set out for something full of whimsy. Normally Duralee fabrics would sell for $30-40 a yard, but believe it or not, we saw this at the discount store for less than $10 for 4 yards. I might make a sham or a pillow cover with the extra fabric. (Or paint our wooden seat and make a cushion for it.)

20121215-163752.jpg 20121215-163742.jpg

So the idea is to make a cushy headboard. The thinnest pieces of foam we were able to find is the 22x22x2″ inserts. I am concerned it’s not quite tall enough. I might be able to fill it with extra batting, since I purchased 3 yards.

We went to the lumber yard yesterday for plywood, but it was closed. I can’t decide whether we should get it cut to 66×22, or 66×32 and add 10 inches. 2-3 inches of that will be below the line of the mattress. Maybe I can get an extra 66×10″ piece for the bottom? We are going to try this morning, but Ryan might have to go on Monday. We are hoping to be done before he goes to Portland on Tuesday.

We are also used to sleeping by the window. However, once we get a headboard in, we need to sleep on the opposite side, which you know gets weird. I am also considering moving the bed around so that we both have a way to get out of bed. (Right now one side is flush against a wall.)


I’ve started watching American Horror story. It has everything I love and I feel this huge nostalgia, as if I am watching later episodes of Twin Peaks. (I’m sure it was a huge influence.) My partner loves to cut scenes, which are very non-linear. We’re only 5 episodes in, and everything is tying together, but I really enjoy it so far.

(I might get some fashion inspiration from this, as well.)

Everything is starting to make more sense, which is both satisfying… and a little disappointing (this soon). I’m hoping I can draw out the final satisfaction.

My netflix queue is basically paranormal shows and serial killer shows (trashy, serious, freaky, and everything in between). That and trashy reality shows (which I keep playing since I’m curious as to what everyone is talking about.)

Other than American Horror Story, favorites of the last 2 years are, of course, Breaking Bad, and a surprise love of United States of Tara. I kind of got into “Once Upon a Time,” despite it’s cheesiness. (And I still don’t get why the QUeen was so horrible and why that kid hated his adopted mother so much originally. Seriously.) And I often succumb to the bad reality show and drama that I happened to have gotten hooked into earlier and I just follow… just because.

There are so many shows out there, but with Netflix and Hulu, it seems as if there is nothing to watch and you’ve seen everything there is to see. I feel that way when I watch HBO Go. After getting into the early HBO shows and polishing off Game of Thrones, what is there? (I guess I can start Boardwalk Empire.)

What shows are good, y’all?


I’m on my roof, since my partner has his student over and the living room is hot! I changed into to thin thin linen thing I got in Cambodia with my yoga leggings, tidied up for 15 minutes (nothing like shame to get you to take out two plastic bags full of beer bottles), and came up with the last beer in the fridge.

Times like this, I like where I live and this self reflective respite. And beer.