One of my professors, a nice guy (and you should fear anything that starts out like that), is very obscure when he lectures. I can follow most of it because I have the background to support it. I also know what he is talking about most of the time. However, I can’t believe that other people in the class, especially those that have never taken a philosophy class , can follow.
For example, he was talking about Descartes and cartesianism today in relation to the existential authors (Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Kafka) that we are reading. Instead of explaining the general principles of classic Descartes (or what is well known – so they know something concrete and meaningful about it), he skips to the chase and gives away it’s relevance to the topic, making the others think that that is exactly what he said. I quote him when he said “the body becomes a site of suspicion for Descartes.” When someone says this to a class of maybenewbies, they take that for what it is and not an assessment of Descartes’ theories, I think. My point is that going through the basic “am I in a dream?,” “am I a brain in a vat?,” and “is there an evil genius” would be more helpful. They will see what he means when he asks things like “What is Descartes’ subjective world?” AND MAYBE the professor will stop getting blank looks from the majority of the class.
ALSO, the professor is very obscure in the way he talks. He clearly has a motive for manipulating vocabulary like he does. He wants to make a point. I’ve had him in the past, and he is all about the distinctions of “object” or “res extensa” with “subject” or “res cogitans.” He couldn’t give those things a break in the philosophy of feminism class. I also think it’s an important big point in existentialism, the self and the world, the imagination and the world of extension. I know what he is trying to do. It might even work in a more advanced class. However… he is just being way too obscure.
And my final qualm with him is… I can’t believe he mispelled Nietzsche… The thing is, he wrote it correct the first time. Then he went to erase it to mispell it. It was ridiculous… and I don’t know if the rest of the class noticed that or not.

At my livejournal, I have a handful of mac related posts. It’s funny that I am so mac obsessed these days. The funnier thing is, I’ve heard this happen to several different people. This is apparently a common thing. I wonder what that means…

I think another funny thing is, Jaci came over this morning. I was looking at mac related articles and forums (and you know how bad the insanity has gotten), and I showed her the imac g4 and g5 and possibly got her hooked on the idea of a cool, aesthetically pleasing, smoothline, clean, and minimalist macintosh computer. I am such a terrible influence. Geezus.

So… one could say that I am a victim to Apple’s switch campaign. I love my little powerbook and it’s more highend than my PC desktop.

I think it’s a bit crazy when I am searching forums and looking at prices late into the night (3am…) day dreaming about getting rid of my computer cords… or the powermac… or even which machines my mother might like (emac?). dude. wtf?

I don’t know if I can explain this, other than a lot of mac buyers eventually build this cult mentality. It’s also nice to be snobby and superior, you know? And then there is that final option that maybe this is really the best thing out there.

In terms of parents and newbie computer users, I wonder if Mac is really the option. I sort of feel that they will be stumped in terms of compatibility for a lot of things out there and they won’t be tech savy enough to know what they are gaining in return for this sacrafice. A lot of mac users preach about PC and it’s spyware and viruses. However, I know by experienced that XP doesn’t have a lot of those problems.

In other news, I was tinkling with my father’s Inspiron Dell and found some pornographic-like sexy pictures saved on there. He discovered internet porn. Uhg. I guess it was just a matter of time.

A friend posted about your “karmic year” in numerology. Apparently something life changing is suppose to happen then. You add your month, date, and year together for a four digit number. His was 1983. Mine is 2013. It is 8 years and 3 months from now. It’s exciting to think that something like that is coming, regardless of whether it is true.

Ideally, though, you would want to make every year a life changing year… right? In some sort of form? (hopefully positive) Or perhaps it would be better to say a positive life affirming year. Eh.

I find it amusing that I am going to be 30 and 31 during that time. The perfect and cliche time for a life changing moment, looking back at my twenties. It’s perfect.

There is something to not anticipating this year and to find that it had past, like many. Apparently the group spent their time recalling their life changing years, knowing exactly what it was. If I was told 1990s… or 1995 was my life changing year, what moment would I pick out? I think this would be a project to do at a time when I have more time, seeing if I can recall the 20+ years of my life for one (or what I percieve to be) life changing anchor.

Hopefully by 2013, I will be employed, on my own, and trying to live an exciting adventurous life. Eh.

2:52pm update: Also, this method would also mean that no one can have a life changing moment after the age of 43 (the number when you add the biggest numeric month, december and 12, and the biggest numeric day, 31 – which exists for december). So… you cannot have your biggest life changing event after 43?

Today, I heard from someone I know who just became a falconer. She trapped her first Red Tailed Hawk few weeks ago. I’m suppose to go hunting with them in a month or so. I’m incredibly fascinated by this. I’m very excited. It is such a unique, rare, and marvelous thing. More so, I am drawn to her sense of adventure. It seems like some people are actually doing things.
I also heard about a friend from highschool this morning. I heard that he just picked up and left for Hong Kong a couple of days ago to pursue his dream of acting. He is going to give it a try. He arrived without even setting up a place to stay. It sounds like one of those stories. Only, it’s real.

I feel incredibly humbled, jealous, and restless when I hear about things like that.

I wonder if these things only work only if you have this outlook of things will always work out… a sort of faith and determinism. I definitely don’t have that.

If I think back to the most adventurous thing I did… It was that I got on a plane to be with someone I was incredibly smitten with. That sort of blew up in my face. I was devastated, because I built it up in my head. It didn’t have the magic or sweetness that I imagined it would. And here I am, a bit more cynical, self doubting, and mundane.

And to think… I have a chance now. I have an opportunity to do something… I’m graduating in January.

I’ve been going postit note crazy these days. I used to hate the drabby yellow or disgustingly bright pink postit notes that they used to sell. However, the darkish blue color is fine. And I’m finding that these are so convenient. However, what I really adore is the colored small plastic tabs that come out of these tiny plastic dispensers. You can put them on the pages of your books to keep place. It makes me feel like I am being real studious. And well… a healthy dose of delusion is mandatory in that respect…

Reading Kant is so much more interesting with a fluttering rainbow of pink, blue, and yellow clear tabs.

Arg!! I updated 10.3.3 to 10.3.5 yesterday night. Right now, I just woke my powerbook from sleep, this scrambled screen came up for a split second. The scrambled screen scared the fuck out of me because it looks like how I heard a logic board screw up looks like. (I knew someone who had this problem with their ibook. She was refunded for the repair bill.) So, I did what any concerned computer user would do. I googled the problem. And it ends up that a lot of people have this problem with the new OS update. Grrr!! (link 1, 2, 3)

I’m finding, though, that this problem might’ve appeared because I didn’t make Disk Utility repair permissions before and after the update and install. I didn’t know that I had to do this. (They should tell you that when installing!) Anyways, I did it now. (although I hear that once you update without repairing permissions, doing it after won’t help the problem)

I tried sleeping my computer again, and the good (although not that good) news is that it was alright. This scrambling screen problem is not happening consistantly enough to be a real pain in the ass. In fact, it was that one time. We’ll see.

I feel like a mac illiterate dork when i find out about disk utility permissions repair and things like f11.

Rain’s fun, I admit that. I used to think that I like rain. I used to think I had this special connection with rain and all the weird new agey hippie associations. I used to be a big loon. Hee hah. That was a handful of years ago.

I don’t hate rain. I still think rain is fun.

I’m just reminded that downpours aren’t fun when you aren’t expecting /prepared for them. My pants were wet all the way up to my butt. MY BUTT!! And no folks, that isn’t something kinky or depraved. My first priority was saving my bag.

I’m mother fucking thankful that I didn’t have Sidhe, the powerbook with me today.