I realized that it was time I kicked my ass into high gear… I was very studious yesterday and spent most of the day reading. I finished all my reading that was due for my registered courses. Today, the plan is to get all the Nietzsche reading for the class I am auditing (as well as catch up and read Birth of Tragedy – all of which i missed) done.

I’m really suprised that I had the disciplne to pull most of this off. (so far…)

Then again, I haven’t had many distractions… erm.

Why do I feel like an ass? You ask? It’s because 1) this take home test took longer than it should have. 2) I realized that I double booked two appointments today.

This test was fair. I also thought it was a snap. However, I guess I’m just a convoluted procrastinator that kept getting distracted while she was writing it (case in point: check out blogs in the middle of writing it). It does not seem like something that someone spent 3+ hours on. Oh well.

I made plans with a friend from school to meet up and catch up today after class. Fine. Then, later on, I had to make an appointment to get put into the system at the other school I am auditing classes at. The result was, I thought that i can swing by today after class (since today was the ONLY day). So… these are times I am glad to have a cellphone. Since the whole ordeal won’t take that much time, I am hoping maybe to convince her to have lunch somewhere near herald square so I can get my errands done real quick. Eh. I’m still an ass. We don’t have concrete plans, though, because we are both sort of flakey (ok, I’m hoping more busy than flaky) and never called each other. I think both of us knows it’s not a big deal because we run into each other for a few minutes after her class, before my class today.

Mmm… I guess this is what I get for declaring the week to be over on a thursday. friday just kicked my ass into my face… or something.

So… before I had this BIG fascination with scient0logy. I wasn’t a fan, more that the controversy around it was interesting. Also, the fact that many celebrities are scient0logists interested me. (as well as they went down in my eye, a bit – I will never think of Tom Cruise in the same light as before…) I suppose I was influenced by a lot of the literature out there that say they are very dangerous and a cult. Well, I just like to get my excitement in stories about cults and conspiracies. Eh. (It was insane how amused I was about the John Titor tale. I like Internet urban legends.)

SO. Anyways. I saw one today. I was like “: D” They tried to give me a stress test. I was walking with my professor so I couldn’t really stop to gawk. I think it’s really sad how amused I was by that. I saw a real life walking talking scient0logist. Insane. It’s just like the ones on tv… err I mean the internet stories.
This beats the time I found out that there was a church of scient0logy near Dan’s place. Heh.
They scare me… so I had this nice sense of excitement.

I survived this week. Ok. It is a bit premature to declare this since I haven’t finished my take home exam exactly. (but not because I have a class tomorrow… har har har) It will be all over by 1am or so. Hopefully by them I will be in my REM stages… or at least an hour or two in bed already. Eh.
A girl can dream. And dream she hopefully will be doing in a few hours.
(for some reason this week was suprisingly stressful. And if this is the case, how am I suppose to survive November? Or Finals?)

I think I am just going to have to risk any professors trying to google me and say… I didn’t do anything i was suppose to last night. I went to sleep. That’s right, I went right to bed after a panel discussion titled “urban noise,” that lasted until fucking 9pm. This still meant that I didn’t get to bed till midnight. I got home around 10, unwound for a bit, spoke to a few people, ate, and slept.
I’m becoming quite boring these days. I can’t answer any of my calls. This has been sort of a pattern this week… picking sleep over work, being with friends, or even being depraved. Oh well.

So that cliche question… food, sex, or sleep? I would always choose sleep. Sleep satiates (or at least allows you to forget the other two) and is absolutely intoxicating. And I say this and appreciate it because I can’t always go to sleep so easily.

Sleep is important AND it makes me think what I had to do isn’t all that important. So I didn’t finish my take home test… so I didn’t finish reading Nietzsche… so i didn’t feed my cat for a few days… eh. (ok. I am kidding about Nietzsche.)

So this guy was checking me out… only it wasn’t me… it was my powerbook.

He walked by, past me, his head stayed in one place as his body kept going. His eyes were towards me, but down. He was either looking at my powerbook or my shoes. (I mean, I was wearing pretty and pointy shoes… errrr)


My computer turns more heads than I do…

So… apparently one of my professors googled me to get my email. This is mildly disturbing… really.


So. One of my professors forgot to bring the take home test to lecture (it was in his office upstairs) / class. He asked us to come upstairs to pick it up. The secretary of the department said that it was in a folder on the bullentin board in front of his door. On my way walking to his office I see my Philosophy Advisor / Professor and a student talking. I said hello and walked on for two doors to the office. I look up and there it is… the folder… really high up.

And this is when I muttered “shit!” And then I tried to get it down and *I think I muttered fuck* under my breath. (I just … really can’t control these things)

It just came out before I thought about watching my mouth. I heard some giggles come out of my professor and this student… and the student was very curteous and helped me get that down (“Why is it so high up?” The student commented…). :P What can I say, I’m vertically challenged.

The take home test looks pretty much to the point and doable, though.. (yay!)