I turned in my paper. I was pleasantly suprised that I got an A- on my philo test. Yay. (considering there are rarely As… perfection…) I think I am just suprised that something pleasant happened. Getting my other paper out of the way is also wonderous. I am going to reward myself with book 6 and 7 of Sandman (Gaiman) and my own dreams in sleep.

Cause… shit is how you feel when you’re teetering between happy bunny land and writing papers on Kafka. (it was ridiculous how long it took me to figure out a topic and execution. why? my mind is mush.)

Maybe I am one of the nerdy socially inept characters in a Kaufman film. Ok. The not so smart… but not dumb character in a angsy film.. whatever.
I feel like shit this morning.
Why is it that the one time you are expecting a call from Verizon on your cell phone (landline is broken), this weird number calls me and I pick up (if I wasn’t expecting a call – I wouldn’t pick up numbers I don’t recognize)… ?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet was wonderful… I adored it. I watched it this evening with Jaci. She compared it to the Robin William’s “What Dreams May Come, ” in that they both dealt with an alter-reality to drive the plot… Only we both agree that WDMC was terribly disappointing, shallow, simple, and linear. ESotSP, however, was subtle, not over done, smart, and touching. Carrey and Winslet were such good picks for this. They are wonderful in it. I, personally, am indifferent to Kirsten Dunst. Elijiah Wood was amusing and silly.


I think I was particularly thrilled with the topic of “forgetting,” accompanied by the quotes by Nietzsche and Pope, because I finished reading some of Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morals. In it, Nietzsche examines forgetfulness and promise making. I really liked how they dealt with multiple ideas of forgetting, as in, Kirsten Dunst’s example of learning from your mistake and/or falling into the same mistake. I think they did it so subtly without over powering the other main elements of the plot. It complimented it so nicely, as well as giving the overall project more depth and shadows. They didn’t drive that idea too powerfully. I also liked how it dealt with a shady realm of attraction, where, it isn’t rational. If you forget you were terribly attracted to each other then falling for them all over again and again isn’t too incredible. I loved how they developed that sub plot. I think it was wonderfully executed.

The more incredible parts of this movie, the memory Kate/Clementine telling Carrey/Joel to go to Montauk, wasn’t too bad. I could accept that and move on. It was great. I wonder why the memory didn’t tell Joel to go to the frozen lake instead of the place they first met. Hrm.

I also personally adored the place at the end, when they are both confronted with the idea that they lost their memories, and they tell each other that they will still have the problems. They tell each other that Joel will still have many faults and want her to save him, while she will still grow bored of him. I really like the understanding and acceptance of that, that many relationships grow into that, and it’s ok.

Finally, I really like how we weren’t served a happy ending on a platter. We need to work at it. They need to work at it. Mmm.

That’s the new and improved name for my little “previously known as Sidhe,” powerbook. It was renamed by the delightful Jaci. I really want to get that engraved on this thing. “Umi’s little Under Fed Baby.”

(disclaimer: I apologize for all those I offended… um this happens from time to time)

(pictures from bryant park, powerbook (UFB), and the naked cowboy at times square)

So… I decided to take my powerbook for a spin at Bryant Park. Instead of getting research and reading down as I wanted, I found that the novelty of marathon IM sessions in a place outside from home is nice. I also like that my little notebook computer is getting a little bit of attention. I already had one person ask me where the apple store downtown was. I think it’s sad that I actually know the address and how to get there. Erm. Yeah.

I feel so techie… urban… taking advantage of the perks of the city.

: P

(from left to right: Jaci fooling around in fishie mode, lychi chu-hai drink, umi mid-belt)