In some form or another, I’ve been blogging since 1998. “winglike.com” was registered in 2002 and maintained ever since. In the past, it was hosted at my friend’s sdf1.2y.net server. Then, it was powered by a little Dell workstation running apache, which buzzed all day and night. During those days, I updated everything by hand on notepad. Those were the pre-CMS/Wordpress days.

I used to do front end web development, once upon a time. In another life, I planned to pursue academia. I have a Masters in Philosophy, and wrote my thesis on dead German guys. I currently work in (email) marketing and technology. I’ve lived in NYC for 30+ years and recently moved to Oregon. This is my first time living outside of either Manhattan or Brooklyn. I love food. I’m an amateur aquarist and DIYer. I like crafty things.

このサイトは 1998 に作りました。evaeris.com、umichan.net、umichan.org、などのウェブアドレスにありました。2002年 に winglike.com と言う名になりました。