Sony is cutting 8,000 jobs. What is the deal with the “8.” I was spouting out numbers the other day with friends and noticed a trend.

Viacom cut 850 jobs recently…

I could have also sworn another place let go of 8,000 jobs two weeks ago.

Regardless, things are tough!I don’t think I need any more reminders of the recession. My falling stocks are evidence enough.

We basically undid any progress we made in the nineties.

Job losses in November were the steepest since December 1974, when 602,000 jobs were shed, and much worse than the consensus on Wall Street for a 340,000 reduction.

In addition, job losses in recent months turned out to be worse than previously reported. October’s loss was revised to 320,000, originally given as a 240,000 loss, while September’s drop was revised to 403,000 from 284,000.

That meant 199,000 more jobs were lost in September and October than initially thought and the total reduction in US nonfarm payrolls for the last three months was 1.256 million, with almost 2 million jobs shed in the year so far. (linke)

I don’t know why, but I am addicted to this type of news. It is almost like when there is a horrible accident and you can’t look away. And although I was not within those numbers, I was on the job search and felt the pressure.

Yahoo should have just sold to microsoft when they had the chance.

I still can’t look away from this type of news, though. Where are these people? flooding the markets? It is hard to imagine thousands of people, myself included, looking for jobs. Well… unless you are at the Radisson for another job fair and there is a 3 hour line outside twisting around the block. I am pretty sure they are all there.

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