I am going to break some more rules today and talk about the job search.

Everyone says that you should focus your search. You know, know what you want? Well, the thing with me is that what I wanted more than anything is to work at a job that I can feel good and confident about. I was looking for a company who’s mission plan was something I wanted to contribute to. This consisted or working in certain non-profit orgs, such as Teach for America and Planned Parenthood. It also included searches such as Rockstar Games (where they make Guitar Hero) or big publishing houses. Then, there were the jobs that I sent out to make it more of a numbers game. I applied to the Parks department or as a project manager at a brand.

Everyone had their input, but I did not want to work in IT or hardware again. I didn’t want to be the office tech bitch. I didn’t want to work for a incestual start up company, and my top number one priority was to work in an office where everyone was seemingly sane.

In the end it was a compromise and I was ok with it. It was something a little more creative and flexible. There are elements of project management and marketing. I am also the office HTML girl. I went to the office and met the team and executive officers, and I have to say that I am pleased. They seem VERY sane, supportive, and personable. I look forward to working there.

I am not JUST saying that.

Anyway, for those still on the look out, here is what I did to hold anxiety at bay.

  1. Bikram Yoga – That definitely took the kinks out and helped me feel productive. Of course it is EXPENSIVE as all hell. I took advantage of a kick ass introductory fee of $30 for 30 days. After that, i had to find something else…
  2. Free Gym Memberships – Hey, a girl has to do what she can to stay in shape. Gyms are absurdly expensive too. Although it is surprisingly cheaper than the $150+ monthly fees. And most often you can take Yoga in the Gyms.
  3. Knitting – Producing things really makes you feel like you are doing something. You are on one hand creating something artistic and on the other hand, you are improving upon a skill. They certainly do keep idle hands busy, despite all of the Grannie jokes I was the butt of.
  4. Cooking – I did a lot of baking and cooking. Not being employed helps you be creative in how you choose to splurge and save. Cooking something nice feels almost like pampering, but it won’t break your bank. AND you feel like you’re doing something for your friends that have lives and meaning outside of their little hut.
  5. Watch a lot of DVDs – Like you don’t do that…
  6. Freelance Web Work – Ok, so not everyone does web work. However, taking on freelance projects makes you feel great. I often fancy myself a writer, but let’s get real. I didn’t do much pretentious writing in Starbucks. However, I did do some graphic work, web development work, and flash work.
  7. Taking your mother out (or rather Having your relatives take YOU out) – This counts as bonding and FREE FOOD!
  8. Crying to your sympathetic girlfriends – It isn’t everyday you get a bitch-free card. You can whine a little and people understand. It isn’t polite conversation, but self depreciating talks about money… sometimes that’s what you need and people are sympathetic.
  9. Fable II / X Box 360 Games – Yeah… I think my first week of work will cause me to have Fable II withdrawal.

What kind of things helped you when anxiety threatens to explode out of your head like some fiery haired ATHENA?

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