Sophear: if you ever need proof to show that you got a BA from an accredited college and not from an online thingie
whatever, it will look good on your wall
and I want to see it!

me: it is not proof
people forge things like that all day
whenever i need proof just call the college and get them to send a sealed transcript
end of story. no one asks for a diploma ever

Sophear: OK, how about this – you PAID for that piece of paper!
a lot of money
thousands and hundreds of $$

me: no i paid money for classes and grades

Sophear: to get that piece of paper!

me: no

Sophear: the most expensive tree ever

me: whatever. i have a MA i don’t need a BA diploma on my wall

Sophear: sigh it would still be the nicest, roughest toilet paper ever.

me: …
of course you need the gold stamp on it
to get the right exfoliation

Sophear: If you were in LOST and on an island, you would’ve said to yourself, “I wish I had my diploma now”.

me: you are a special special girl

Sophear: : D

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