Are you going to manage my career for me? ; ) For commission?

One Thought on “Hein?

  1. I’m already managing your career. I’ve booked you for a standup gig in the Laugh Factory, next Tuesday at 9pm. Jaime will give your details. On Wednesday, you got a dance gig at the Apollo, if you can’t dance, pretend like you can. It’s amateur night. Thursday, you got a meeting with Bloomberg, actually, we’re going to sneak in and see force an encounter. You’ll yell, “help, he touched my boobs”, and I’ll act like the innocent bystander who witnessed it all. We’ll be rich after months of litigation. Friday, we play it cool, answer media calls, and make them pay for a trip to las vegas. We only answer questions from las vegas, got to keep our lines tight. Stuff like that, everything planned, you just got to repeat them words on the papers I hand you, and wiggle your ass. Money? I pay you later, here’s 10 bucks for the train rides, and a check of $10,000 I’ll sign at the end of next week.

    For real, dude, go do your thing, write your story, and get a foothold, the rest will fall into your arms. I’d just wish some powerful bitch up there would find the gem that you are. You just haven’t met that door opening lady.

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