This past week, I was good and applied to jobs, exercised, and yoga-ed. Then the weekend comes and some how I end up in a chair with big gongs at my head and feet… holding quartz crystals. WTF? See it live here.

I went to see an art show in bed-stuy to support pals Amy and Kevin. It was in an apartment complex where several rooms from the 4rth floor up was a gallery. Then on the roof there were several sculptural installations, barbecue, and a gong chair. Yes, the gong chair. At one moment I was like a vulture eying and waiting for the grill to start up and the next minute I was talked into a “relaxation chair.” Man, it probably shouldn’t be that easy to recline me blindfolded in a chair. ; ) Talk about being easy.

It was “interesting.” It wasn’t so much relaxing as much as disconcerting. The different gongs going on in different directions felt interesting. “Since our bodies are mostly made of water, the gongs are suppose to bath the body in vibrations.” Doesn’t that sound kinky?

It did make me want to squirm in my chair. And I liked how it felt on my neck and raised my hair up. I kinda liked being blindfolded, holding on to phallic little quartz crystals and feeling a little out of my element. I think the only thing missing is a bit of asphyxiation… errr I mean… never mind.

I had a hot dog. I love hot dogs.

Then on Sunday I had more hot dogs. Mmmm. I love hot dogs.

I went to Long Island City, right on the river. It sandwiches Roosevelt island between Manhattan and Queens. It is one stop from Grand Central on the 7 train. It had a beautiful view with a lot of small cute restaurants. I was a guest at this Penthouse apartment in the new Avalon building there. They had a recreational area on the roof of the 6th floor in one of the buildings with three barbecue grills, an area for Bowls, handful of ping pong and fooze ball tables.

OMG the food. I helped start things off with Ryan and Simon on the grill with some beef patties and sausage franks. I had hot dogs. Mmm. Then Simon put his marinated ribs on the grill. DELICIOUS… I wish there were more. Then there was some Kielbasa… THEN A HUGE marinated Morton’s steak in a plastic bag. It was instead… like couple of lbs of beef. INTENSE and delicious.

So much for trying not to get too much red meat. Between eating ALL of the above, making pancakes for brunch, and 4 bottles of beer, I had near 3,000 calories according to thedailyplate.

Does crystal holding burn any calories?

2 Thoughts on “I’m a good sport.

  1. If you’re not already doing it, why don’t you write your own version of New York gastronomy as tested and ranked by Umi. I don’t know, you could do everything, write reviews, publish, on-line and on-print, with food related products, imports, and a whole empire, even a freaking net tv station, eventually cover the world of tourism, then get into some real estate business, hotels and co. You could make money, eat write, get artsy with the New York crowd, and get a new apartment by Central Park or wherever.

  2. I keep pitching this plan to you, but you seem hesitant to hand me over the million dollar to get it started, hehe. I’d think it won’t take that much money to start once you get a name for yourself as a writer and/or food critique. You got the talent. Waiting for the recognition, yup.

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