Ah job search, why does thou desert me?

I decided that not having a focus is a benefit, instead of a handicap. I have applied to be the second hand to several high powered people, to wear a park ranger’s hat to be an associate analyst for the parks department, to don heels as a marketing exec, be an editorial assistant, and even to be stepped on as a personal assistant.

What do I need to do? Some positive thinking? Sweat to death is more like it…

Sheesh. All this talk of banks and recession is making me a little stressed. I need a bloody mary.

In other news… We had a HUGE burger from Great Jones Cafe. We wanted to go to Shake Shack, but THEY WERE CLOSED FOR A PRIVATE EVENT!!!! WTF?! That is f-ed up.

Anyway, this Great Jones cheese burger, I CANNOT fit it in my mouth. I have to nibble on the bread, a little meat, and then TURN IT OVER to nibble on the veggies. This led to a conversation between myself and the boy.

Clueless Boy: We don’t eat that much red meat.
Me: Um… we hardly eat chicken and fish. Does pork count as white meat?
CB: Uh… not really.

Let’s break down our week.

Last Tuesday: We both ate pork tenderloin salad, fried catfish salad, and more pork. Oh yeah, and alcohol.

Last Wednesday: Boy ate chicken skewers, tofu, and alcohol. I ate a sicilian pizza.

Last Thursday: Boy ate shrimp over rice and soba, and alcohol. I ate a pork broth ramen with pork belly slices. And alcohol.

Last Friday: Fried rice with ewashi fish. Beer.

Saturday: We ate chorizo, egg, and cucumbers in cold noodles.

Sunday: We shared a pizza with pineapple, ham, ricotta, and jalapeno peppers. Beer!

Monday: We made linguini pasta with butter, garlic, and anchovies. We made a side of salad and mozarella balls. And wine.

Tuesday: Ungodly huge Great Jones cheese burger. Cocktails and beer.

Ok… not too much beef at all and a bit of pork. Lots of alcohol… errrm.

5 Thoughts on “need a job to eat more..

  1. Your job search sounds fun, varied, I wonder where you’ll end up next. But I also, still, wonder what you are intending to do with your life? with your philosophy studies, and all. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy the sporadic burst of genius you exhibit once in a while without an apparent guiding framework of imperial ambition. Will the short story be published on-line, here, or posted on a magazine?

  2. red meat once in a week…am I still clueless? care for a retraction?

  3. I think we just go on an end of the week beef binge, or something. Like, all of last week we were good too. I don’t think we had red meat at all, really, except the hot dog on Saturday… Then Sunday came with more hot dogs, burgers, ribs, steak, and kielbasa. Mmm.

    I say we abstain from beef this week and go to Fette Sau sometime this coming weekend. I wish…

  4. Wait! I can eat all I want at Fette Sau and still say I abstained from BEEF!!! I JUST ATE FAT PIGS! Mmmm..

  5. I am aware that really misses the whole point of watching our red meat intake.

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