So… I was updating the site and my cable modem blows. I spent the last hours troubleshooting it and organizing the dirty cables underneath the desk I never use. DIRTY. I changed the co-axial cable, cat5 cable, restart the thing, restart my router, and etc.. Finally after speaking with couple of representatives, they are letting me bring it in instead of waiting a week for a tech. It’s been working really unreliably for the past couple of days. Actually, ever since I came back.

So, of course … here I am. I am updating and fixing my site up while in a public place waiting for 15+ minutes for them to call my number … after they told me that I couldn’t check my email. (They are now serving 602 at desk #3… I am 609!)

I was going to wait until later tonight to debut the site, but it won’t let me change the site back here at the public computer station.

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