I’ve only updated the backend of this site 2 times. One of those times was this morning. I came back from Japan to find that a whole month or so of my posts were absolutely gone. It could be from my server (which I have yet to hear from). Maybe they crashed and the last backup was a pathetically old one? Unfortunately I did not save frequent backup of my database files.

I suspect that this site was hacked by bots. I think that the culprit is an old plugin I never updated. That, and the security was compromised, because I never updated the backend. F-me.

I sort of suspected that things were wonky, because frequently my posts would turn off the comments themselves. (this is also why I suspect that particular plugin – since it was aimed at the comments feature) Unfortunately, I didn’t think it was a big deal to take some time to update. Shame on me.

Sigh. So… here I am. Fortunately, i can bring up some of the posts (the picture posts), because I can copy and paste them from another site I update. Still, this really sucks.

I spent this morning backing up my physical files, databases, and updating the wordpress backend to the new 2.6. : P

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