I went to see Tori at Madison Square Garden and she was SO (!!!) ON tonight. She played Siren (although it was a bit low-key than I would have liked), which I have been waiting for forever. She also opened the show with Cruel and followed later with Hotel. I am liking the Choirgirl Hotel songs popping up. Bouncing Off Of Clouds was so much fun!

She also came out as pip in a black wig and a short flowy yellow skirt and what looked like over the knee boots – which turned out to be latex tights. Then, on her way out in the first half of the set, she mooned and flashed us.

During her little improv section, she talked about how she missed us. Then she told us about throwing a shoe at a fan in Europe, because they pissed her off. Then having her big black bodyguard run and get it for her before it ends up on E-Bay. Then she sung about telling her 7 year old, Tash, to stop touching herself in public.

She was HI-larious.

FUN! Although last night was fun, this makes my week.

This show was one of her first US shows this leg… everyone was excited! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s show!

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