Basically, I think that this site is going to be a compilation of my multifaceted non committal ramblings about anything and everything.

So, the run down on my shitty tuesdays is that it is always not as bad as I think it is going to be. My class where the professor answered my question wasn’t that bad. My media class where I had to come up with 5 game ideas, wasn’t that bad. In fact, for that class, I almost end up being on top of things. I always feel like a nerd / over achiever afterwards in a way where it makes me feel like a dork.

I was talking to this classmate of mine today, where he made this self depreciating comment about how my ideas will dazzle and embarrass his less than par ideas. This wasn’t true, but this compliment horrified and flattered me at the same time. Is that how they view me? This smart ass suck up? It’s such a shock, because in the philosophy department I always manage to feel like a flake at least couple of times a day. Mmm.

I do believe that feeling like a flake is an important part of developing the neuroses that are a requirement for being a crazy professor. I also feel that that feeling is an important marker to show that you are learning / growing… however unpleasant it may be. It is the equivalent to reading past journal posts and cringing… hoping and knowing I will never do/write/feel/whatever again.

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