I was originally going to talk about going to the “chip shop,” and eating fried foods all day. However, I will save you the gory details of my eating fish and chips along with a battered and deep fried twix bar…

So, this time, it was Debra. This is the FOURTH time that someone stopped me on the street to tell me that they have something urgent to tell me.

Once was when I was coming back from the yarn shop before 2005, Ms. Crystal. She told me that there was this negative feeling coming from me, which was very strong. She proceeded to try to lure me by threatening me that I will never be loved by a man unless she helps me. I think this is where they think they should sink in their teeth. However, after she made a few insightful remarks on my career choices, I decided to let her read my palm. Yes, I paid her for a little bit and then she tried to convince me that I need extensive help and she will take whatever I can afford. HA HA HA. She told me that by now I should be working with numbers making a good living. Then at the end of the session she returned to the romance thing and told me to “pray” and repeat to myself that “I deserved to be loved” and “I deserve a boyfriend.” Uh, right.

The next time was some woman giving out flyers on 10th avenue, near 47th street. She said there was something important for her to tell me and I ran away.

The third time was this young (YOUNG!) metrosexual lookin’ dude a block away from home. This guy looked like he was club hopping. He stopped me on the street and said that there was something important for him to tell me. Then he proceeded to ask me to excuse me and he talked about my uterus. He said that I might have problems in the future with my baby making parts, such as my ovaries or something. o.O Then, he tells me that there is a streak of some bad karma in my family and I can have a vital role of correcting that. I think his term was “you are the chosen one.” Yeah, Sophea got a kick out of that one when I told her at the time. I am Neo, the chosen one. :D I think out of all my encounters I enjoyed this one the best. He also said that he wouldn’t ask for money and that I can meet him for coffee, because he wants to just tell me everything he can. Yeah. I got his number and never called.

This time, it was when I was walking down Broadway around 82nd street. She stopped me and made two comments. One, she said that I will have stomach problems (!!!) that doctors will not be able to solve. Two, she said that I can always get the guy, but I can never seem to hold on to him. Right now, thinking back, the creepy thing is that tonight my stomach hasn’t been in tip top shape. Then again, I had that fried food bonanza with a late night falafel to top it off… so… yeah… whatever. The boy thing too is compelling except for the fact that that fits everyone who is still single one way or another, right? She said that it was very important for me to see her and that she feels like there is something important she needs to tell me. She insisted so I took down her number. Debra. I should post it just so my other readers can maybe call her to get their stars down or whatever. She charges, though. She’s a regular Miz Cleo.

Do I mope around the city looking like some cat that needs to be dug out of the manhole? I have a pet rain cloud, apparently. I am going to call him Je-sus. These people prey on us, Jesus and I!

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