I’ve been privately upcoming my coffee game for a bit. I’m pretty lucky that the local Associated sells Brooklyn coffee, which is pretty tasty. Our favorites are their Bespoke custom blend, as well as, the BQE espresso beans. (We tried the BQE after a suggestion from my friend Genevieve, who takes the cake for best coffee I’ve had at someone’s apartment.) I’m pretty particular for french press coffee. Freshly ground beans in the Hario grinder helps, as well as, the cute Japanese tea set.

Near work in NYC’s financial district, there is a place called “Bean and Bean,” which makes excellent coffee. I also found another Australian coffee place on Broadway, which has delicious coffee. Luckily, I just bring some coffee grinds in from home and use my work french press. I find that in the end, my coffee is better than starbucks and cheaper in the end.

What’s your favorite coffee?

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