You do know what that means, right? It’s NANOWRIMO time! Where everyone with a computer and (maybe) internet fancies themselves a writer. I think there was one year, back when this was new, around 12-14 years ago that I attempted this. I got pretty far into this Fantasy Novel I was writing at the time.

This year, I’m still not that ambitious. I’m actually going to try to update this location every day, or at least 30 times this month. I am trying to not miss more than 1 day in consecutive order. Let’s see how this goes!

In other news, this year for Halloween, I was on call at work. This means I headed home and was passed out on my couch by 11pm. It was nice, if not a little anticlimactic. I should have planned something the previous weekend, but I’ve been pretty stressed out. I saw a costume an old coworker did this year on FB, and it was something I always wanted to try. :P Maybe another year. I’ll leave it a secret.

Are you guys challenging yourselves at Nanowrimo?

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3 Thoughts on “Happy November

  1. Didn’t know about Nanowrimo. I have yet to finish writing my article about the Japanese imperial household… it’s particularity and universality… I hope this November will see some significant advances. Good luck to your November project.

  2. Hey! How are you doing? Long time no chat. Thanks for still checking out this space. I gets practically no hits, but I’m still here, plodding along.

  3. I’m doing good. I hope to read more and write more articles.

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