6 or so months ago, I went to work early and got some extra work done, and then took a few minutes for the NIN pre-sale for their Barclays Center performance. I had tried to get tickets to the “last NIN tour” couple of years ago, but utterly failed at every pre-sale and on-sale. I remember trying for days at the sweepstakes Trent held over Twitter. I was pretty devastated. So when they announced another tour (How to Destroy Angels not going to cut it for you, right?), I WAS ON THAT SHIT.

Everything was SO frustrating. During the first pre-sale, the site failed for me. I totally got into nerd-rage mode and complained to the webmaster. They responded to people like me by holding another pre-sale. So, again, I was sure to be available at that time. However, this time… my credit card and debit card kept failing. My bank introduced some weird validation service that I never had to do before on the day of the pre-sale and I just couldn’t buy these tickets. I was so upset that I called my then not-yet-husband to basically screech at him, “GIVE ME YOUR CREDIT CARD!!!! MUST BUY!” He was like, “WHAT’S GOING ON.. AHHH! DON’T EAT ME.”

Fortunately, I still found decent seats (not on the ground, but in section 12 – seated). I bought the tickets. And all was right with the world. We went to Portland, we came back, and then we attended this event.


It was really great. I loved that they played the old hits and as soon as I heard “Terrible Lie,” I was swaying and singing with the rest of them. They did a great light show (my husband identified the light show as something similar to Daft Punk’s pyramid light show work) that really worked for their new album. And their new album is kind of awesome. I really like this direction. And they still scratch that NIN itch. Once you listen, you definitely know Trent Reznor created this sound. (I’m kind of a horrible fan and didn’t really listen to their new album until a day before the concert. I forgot all about it.)

The concert was also kind of funny, because looking around, the demographic is notably a lot older. I felt this way at the last Tori Amos concert, as well. In fact, I felt like I was in the low range of the median.

On another note, maybe because I still feel loyalties to MSG, but I couldn’t get on board with the Barclays Center. I felt really far away from the stage, since I was almost directly center of the whole concert (I was farthest away from the stage on the ground). The angle kind of bothered me. Otherwise, it’s all so fancy looking.

Are you catching them this tour?

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