We just got back from Oregon. I was visiting my in-laws and we helped out with their master bathroom makeover.

I had hoped that we would have time to put in the shower tray, walls, and tile the ceiling while we were there. However, we just didn’t have the time to do all that. We were all a little too ambitious. That being said, we did manage to see the fruits of our labor when tiling their bathroom floors. This was one of my first remodeling jobs like this. (In my Brooklyn rental, re-decorating means hammering nails into the walls and hanging things. Maybe I might move a bookcase or two.)

I have to admit that I’ve never been handy, but I’ve been crafty. There is just so much people can and are willing to do for a rental in NYC. There isn’t too much point to changing an apartment, other than the color. I’ve certainly never put a back splash in or anything like that. I love to visit blogs like centasational girl. Her blog was what inspired me to attempt to make our current headboard. I love home makerovers. So I really had fun with this smaller project. It was nice to see the end result of at least one thing.

As you can see, they picked out longer gray tiles. They recently had the floor beneath that redone.

Now that I’ve finished it, I told Ryan that we should have laid the tiles down and glued thinly any tiles that are raised. This way, we can use that as a starting point to level with the mortar. Shoulda Woulda, right? So, we started laying down the files that we did not need to cut. It took a short afternoon and we were done.

Next, we wanted to make patterns of the corner tiles. It was harder, but I started out making a couple of tile sized patterns (for the larger corner pieces). I laid them down on the floor like a tile to mimic the space and how the edges should slope.

This part was surprisingly time intensive, since I wanted to get it right. We couldn’t risk having tiles cut into patterns that don’t fit. For the most part we were pretty successful. We had a few doozies, where we couldn’t use the dry cutter (that traces with a scratch and cuts the tile), because we didn’t have enough of tile to put pressure on the piece. We had to go back and use a fresh tile on a wet saw. There were other tiles that we had to free style the corners on the wet saw, since the tile wouldn’t fit on the dry saw. That was loud, but fun. We had a muffler for the sound, and I used in-earbuds to muffle the sound. There was one pesky piece that kept shifting due to the flooring. We had to chip away at the plaster to get that piece to sit level.

Finally we grouted. That was pretty satisfying and went quickly. Unfortunately, once it dried a bit and we were cleaning, we saw some places where we missed some grout. Some was wiped away by the water. So we waited until it dried a bit and re grouted. Then, you seal and you are done. (The picture below was before the floor was sealed.)


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