This year, summer just flew on by. Part of it is work. With so many people on my team out during the really hot months, I just kept plowing forward with no real break. (I guess taking 2 weeks off for your wedding has a little to do with it.) Really, I find that Labor day is a nice 3 day weekend, but it doesn’t mark any real season of change for me, since I don’t really touch the school schedule anymore. Neither myself or my husband is involved in school or academia, anymore. It’s still muggy. It’s still too warm outside. I start to feel fall when Halloween comes around or when we dig up our fall jackets. I like fall. I love the holidays. Summer … is usually too much for me.

We’re attending a wedding at the end of September. Also, I have a trip to the in-laws planned in October. Unfortunately that ended up coinciding with my “All Years” high school reunion that I originally committed to going to. It was a stupid move, but it was the most convenient. Now, tickets are already purchased. Then, we have plans to see NIN. Those are the extent of my plans.

Summer came and went after we got back from Portland, and it really wasn’t very exciting. We had a friend come stay with us for a few days. We didn’t really travel or do anything out of the ordinary, like teach me how to ride a bike. Yet. I need to learn before it gets too cold. This will be the year.

Unfortunately this weekend, I didn’t do much. I blame this on the L Train and the work that is being done to the track all weekend. The train is supposed to resume this morning, so maybe I will actually go out into the real world today. Yesterday, I got dragged outside to a local pub crawl and impromptu dance party. But overall, I was a little too excited about “Once Upon a Time” episodes being available now on Netflix. I completely thought that that show would be cheesy and girly in a way I dislike (kind of like the “New Girl” with hipster sweetheart Zooey Deschanel), but I completely got suckered in.

Nothing too special planned tomorrow. Just visiting my mother and maybe going for a long run.

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