Did you know that you can get Shake Shack in DC? Connecticut? Man. Tonight I’m going to go to the Brooklyn Shake Shack for the first time. I normally brave the Madison Square Park one, but I honestly have not had Shake Shack in over 6 months. Maybe close to a year. I remember going to one in the upper west side, sometime in the late summer/early fall. I’ve been eating far too much beans and their heirloom varieties, so I need something greasy in me.

In other news, I recently got a wedding gift from mouth.com. It came with all sorts of goodies like smoked sugar, cheese slate and mineral oil, and amazing treats like raspberry lime rickey jam, chocolate hazelnut spread, etc. It’s like an indie hipster gift basket (that came in a cute smart canvas bag) for my generation. It’s for that person who may live in Portland, Oregon or Brooklyn, NY and may or may not know someone who churns their own butter and goes to some private Brooklyn rooftop to collect honey. I may or may not be going to Shake Shack with her tonight. It’s for that person who thinks making yogurt in her dutch oven overnight is a good idea, but way too lazy to really do that with any frequency. And people who love eating.

Maybe it’s bourgeois. Maybe it’s commercialized. …But damn, those caramels from Landmarc are pretty damn good. If anyone wants to buy me the pickle subscription, I will love you.

(This post was in no way sponsored by mouth.com. However, if you’re from mouth.com and want to send me samples, I will gladly accept them.)

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