20130804-123314.jpgI haven’t seen many interviews with Jay-Z, but he has no TV presence. My husband says it’s probably because he’s a “studio musician, like me.”

Bill better bring up J’s controversial statement. They just mentioned Belafonte, but it didn’t amount to much. #TeamBelafonte

Our Sunday routine is sleep in, he makes coffee, we make breakfast (this morning it is spinach, beans, sausages, and eggs – a la “4 Hour Body”) and watch Real Time from Friday. (And Bill’s OT from the prior week.)

Edit: So, although Bill didn’t mention anything about the “My presence is charity” comment (Really? I mean, if the man doesn’t want to be charitable or give back, I guess that’s his stupid business, but what a narcissist. As someone who has seen poverty, he still has no idea about the mechanisms that keep people down.), but he did make a final jab at him during the final monologue. He was pleading for a liberal billionaire to take advantage of Citizens United, like the republican party.

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