Justin-Bieber-Girlfriend-Fragrance-CommercialI was probably the last person on earth to see Brad Pitt’s ridiculous Chanel commercial (It’s like a bad parody of Calvin Klein commercials from the 90s – like Eternity, remember? Watch this Conan clip, which is great.). I don’t watch TV at home. I have an antennae that I bought a month ago, but Ryan and I pretty much watch HBO GO and Netflix. So it wasn’t until I was at my mom’s that I saw the commercial for Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend fragrance. That is some smart marketing. I felt skeevy watching it. They are strumming on the very heart strings of desperate girls. Not only is the perfume titled “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend,” but the commercial is done from the viewer’s perspective, as his girlfriend. He’s whispering I love yous, and ducking in close to caress you, and it was… SOOO SKEEVY. All the while he serenades you with his “If I was your boyfriend.” And as much as I make fun of this shit, I think back in the day, if JTT came out with anything that manipulated teenage girl’s delusions, I would have been there.

Hmm and just a little bit for the first time in my life, I can sort of see the allure. Or maybe I’ve watched one too many Justin Bieber commercials on MTV while watching Jersey Shore reruns? Hmmm. (I should be ashamed, right?)

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