So, in the end I didn’t run the Marathon. I was still conflicted until the end. I was so sick before that I completely stopped running (since it was respiratory). I missed the Bronx 10 Miler and I dropped out of the 18 mile tune up after 12 miles. The last race I ran was the Staten Island Half. I still thought maybe I can power walk it and do some last races to get guaranteed entry again the next year. However, Sandy came and went and the Marathon never happened. The Dash was canceled, also. NYRR promised everyone publicly that they would be given guaranteed entry for either the NYC Marathon or Half Marathon as their choice.

We have all been getting antsy, and there’s been a lot of angry comments on the NYRR facebook. I mean, it’s already OVER a month. If I had known the resolution right after the Marathon, I would have been able to do a plan B and get guaranteed entry into 2013, by running 2 additional races. That being said, Sandy brought everything into perspective, and really, it’s a true first world problem. Still, every week that goes by, opportunity that was open to us is no longer available. Finally we received an email about a resolution. 1) We can ask for a full refund and we will not have guaranteed entry into the Marathon or Half (this doesn’t include the $11 registration fee). 2) Guaranteed entry into the 2013, 2014, or 2015 Marathon. We will need to pay the 2012 Marathon fee again on the appropriate year. 3) Guaranteed entry into the 2013 NYC Half. We will need to pay the 2013 fee.

I think that is actually a really good decision, at least for local folks. I mean can you imagine paying 1000+ on plane fare and hotels, because Guiliani told you to come to NYC and that the Marathon will not be canceled? If they canceled it earlier, many people would have been able to get full or partial refunds. I mean, I was getting nervous and I thought my opportunity for running the Marathon without doing another 9+1 passed. Especially when NYRR sent a note out saying their 9+1+1 for 2012 is valid for 2013. However, NYRR’s recent decision meant that I could either get a full refund, or pay another $250 and run the Marathon. Argh. Tough decisions. I was pleased with the decision. I was surprised (especially since they were angering so many people) that they were able to give the option of a full refund.

I can always get the refund then run the 9+1 again this year for 2014 entry. I wish I would have finished my 9+1 this year, considering I volunteered already. However, my sickness kept me from the Bronx and 18 Mile Tune up, and I didn’t have the opportunity to register for another race. (During the last two races of the year – I will be in Portland.)

Then again, I just want to run it already and cross it off my bucket list. Who knows where I will be in 2014.

20121223-223209.jpgI know it’s bad form (and luck!) to wear a shirt you never ran. But it’s a sweet practice shirt and I hope it keeps me motivated. I also paid $250 for it. (I hear they are still giving them out if you never got to the Expo and you give them your bib number at NYRR office.)

In other news, I just found out that I got entry into the NYC Half Marathon, so it crosses off the last option (getting entry into the NYC Half). I also need to start training. I’m also thinking of doing the Manhattan Half at the end of January. This all means, running season is starting again. This year, I am thinking of running at least 3 Half Marathons (Manhattan, NYC, and Brooklyn), and then 2 other Borough Races (Queens & Bronx? Not going near Staten Island again).

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