I need to take better photos and get some new shams and bedding (notice the bedding cut out from the picture), but the headboard is done! Ryan got the plywood, attached the foam/cut it to shape, and attached the first layer of batting. I helped him with the final fabric in order to pull it taut. I am also a little anal about folding the corners. We just need to find some interlocking components to hang this thing (or a d ring or something).


This is us just leaning it against the wall. I need to get new bedding and all, but for a night’s work, it’s pretty nice, no? Pretty whimsical? I am thinking of adding some molding to the border, a la Centsational Girl’s French Inspired Headboard. (Look at that photo set up! I need to get a duvet cover that’s not a depressing black and brown.)


This is going to have to wait until after the Holidays. And a side table. Something gray/white/light and cute. And some flowers. I need to lighten up that room.

All in all

Edit: Finished Product


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