Honestly, I know what I like, but I am severely design challenged. All this is a result of watching old Queer Eye for the Straight Guy episodes during Hurricane Sandy, feeling icky about the world and my apartment. See, and now with couple of easy changes, my apartment would have been a much nicer place to spend a week. (If you saw my apartment during the week of the hurricane, you would have thought a bunch of frat guys live there. Fo sho. (Just substitute the Amy’s Soup cans with Campbell’s.) I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.)

I am WAY too embarrassed to post any “before” pictures.

To give you an idea of the things we have been up to:

  • Bought Bathroom shelving to liven up our depressing bathroom. (We both separately left our friend Genevieve & Chris’s place with the same thought, “why does her bathroom look so cozy and nice?” So this was partly inspired by them, post Thanksgiving. In other news, our other friend Kris came over and liked it so much, he went to pick up the same thing at our local store. Did we mention we bought this at our fake dollar store for like $22?)
  • Finally built that shelving unit I bought at Ikea over the summer.
  • Moved our second hand mail table to make room for the shelf. Cleverly put the table on top of the shoe rack to cover.
  • Bought some CHEAP SOFT AMAZING towels on sale at JCPenny that kind of changed our outlook on life before noon and coffee. (Not so much a decorating win – but helped make our apartment a place that didn’t want to make me want to hang myself.)
  • FINALLY put out Ryan’s Egyptian tablets, cats, and marble plates. My contribution was putting out an obscene number of candles that I had been hoarding.
  • FINALLY put out some pictures and frames that have been gathering dust in the depths of our bedroom.
  • Bought Ryan the Vittsj√∂ shelving unit for our anniversary to house his projects.
  • Also helped that during Sandy was when the last of our Halloween Decorations went into the storage. Although the bleeding white angels were out until this weekend. :P Woops.
  • Bought the slipcover, and finally broke it out this weekend. Also finally took the Ofelia throw out of storage.
  • Ryan cleaned out his closet. Mine is … still a disaster zone.
  • Kind of feeling like an adult post 30.

All this was post Sandy. There is nothing like spending a week STUCK INSIDE to question your very existence in such sad decor.

And now, there is still SO MUCH TO DO.

  • Sew up some pillow covers for shams (oh yeah, and buy some shams)
  • Have Ryan finish our headboard. Buy a duvet cover. GET SOME LITTLE PILLOWS (I am clearly on some wicked pillow kick.)
  • Clean ikea couch/find slip cover/GET PILLOWS
  • Find a rug for the TV area
  • Buy more storage solutions for the closet.
  • Buy a small side table – one for the couch, another for the bedroom (Kind of like this this or a taller version of this.)
  • Some new curtains for the office? (Something light and airy. Light gray.)
  • More picture frames to fill the bedroom wall.
  • Framed cork board for the office and bedroom.
  • Paint the dresser in the bedroom, wooden chair, side table in the bedroom.

I have obviously given this some thought. My aim is to make the office fun, living room clean, and make the bedroom not a purgatory for used clothing and shit we don’t want people to see around the apartment, and overall another room that is pleasant to be in. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Ryan and I lived with a bunch of talented graphic artists/painters who left their self portraits behind. Although I do like some of them, I am feeling like we put most of our art up to take up white space. I’m thinking I want a little more variety and thoughtfulness put into what is in our apartment. It’s kind of sad that it took Hurricane angst and some dated show (OMG – Can we bring that show back?!) to get me to this point. I can’t believe I’ve lived the last 3 years (I guess when I officially moved in on the lease) in indifference. I mean, Ryan’s friend Amy did a good job with the apartment (and her art is beautiful), but as the law of chaos rules our apartment, things have gotten a little out of hand in the past 2 years. (Too much kitchen appliances! Too many documents Ryan refuses to get rid of! Too much of my shoes and clothes! Too much little painted guys. In our defense though, we just discovered the greatness of investing in good storage space to hide the unsightly items of our daily lives. I think most of what was standing between us and clutter was lack of plastic boxes, decorative storage space, and shelves. Why did it take so long to notice this?)

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