So I’m reminded of Bill Mahr when he said

If you’re over 30 years old and you’re still sleeping on a futon, you need to reevaluate your life. It’s not a hipster alternative to a mattress; it’s a dog bed for humans. And don’t tell me they’re big in Japan. So is sleeping in a paper house and molesting schoolgirls on the bullet train.

It was kind of offensive.

That being said I did feel like a big baby sleeping on a futon mattress. I couldn’t even use my Japanese ancestry, since it wasn’t as if I was making the bed into a couch or using it for space saving. And I was kind of embarrassed of having it as my primary couch, once I moved the futon out of the bedroom. It was thick, rough and green. Seriously. That being said, I picked up the Surfit Ikat couch cover on sale online, and I have to say I love the look.

I’ve always been a little afraid of graphics, but I laid an Ikea Ofelia throw on top, and it looks great. Overall with the sale, this couch make over cost me approx. $60. We need some throw pillows to complete the look. I like that the couch is sort of getting some inspiration from these abstract prints we have displayed, one black ink on white, and another black canvas with magnetic elements.

My pillows are hideous, which is a separate thing all together. (There is this disgusting gray green pillow that Ryan loves to use on his lap when he is eating anything out of a bowl. Yeah. Ick. I’m not sure what would look good on the couch. I am thinking solid white textural elements. Maybe black? I wanted to add some red and color in there, since I have a red Ikea Karlstad couch.

Edited: Here is our couch!


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