I’ve started watching American Horror story. It has everything I love and I feel this huge nostalgia, as if I am watching later episodes of Twin Peaks. (I’m sure it was a huge influence.) My partner loves to cut scenes, which are very non-linear. We’re only 5 episodes in, and everything is tying together, but I really enjoy it so far.

(I might get some fashion inspiration from this, as well.)

Everything is starting to make more sense, which is both satisfying… and a little disappointing (this soon). I’m hoping I can draw out the final satisfaction.

My netflix queue is basically paranormal shows and serial killer shows (trashy, serious, freaky, and everything in between). That and trashy reality shows (which I keep playing since I’m curious as to what everyone is talking about.)

Other than American Horror Story, favorites of the last 2 years are, of course, Breaking Bad, and a surprise love of United States of Tara. I kind of got into “Once Upon a Time,” despite it’s cheesiness. (And I still don’t get why the QUeen was so horrible and why that kid hated his adopted mother so much originally. Seriously.) And I often succumb to the bad reality show and drama that I happened to have gotten hooked into earlier and I just follow… just because.

There are so many shows out there, but with Netflix and Hulu, it seems as if there is nothing to watch and you’ve seen everything there is to see. I feel that way when I watch HBO Go. After getting into the early HBO shows and polishing off Game of Thrones, what is there? (I guess I can start Boardwalk Empire.)

What shows are good, y’all?

One Thought on “Love my horror stories

  1. Here, not much of a show culture, I rely on good, old dvds which I don’t have time to see. I guess life is the best show available.

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