I’m on my roof, since my partner has his student over and the living room is hot! I changed into to thin thin linen thing I got in Cambodia with my yoga leggings, tidied up for 15 minutes (nothing like shame to get you to take out two plastic bags full of beer bottles), and came up with the last beer in the fridge.

Times like this, I like where I live and this self reflective respite. And beer.

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Blogging since 1996. You can find her in Brooklyn, with a spicy Bloody Mary. Love food. Aspiring DIYer. Addicted to buying gadgets.

One Thought on “Life is all right

  1. Hi Umi,

    This is Dhammie. Hope you are well. I was in some of your philosophy classes at SB. I haven’t emailed you for awhile as I have lost your address :( Please reply to the email on my comment when you get a chance.

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