I still have the plague, unfortunately. It flared it’s ugly head in the form of a 100+ fever.

But let’s talk about something else.

I’m scheduled to run the 4 mile grid iron race in the beginning of February (good thing I don’t need any training for that). I want to run something in the beginning of March and then I’m all ready signed up to run 15k in the end of March.

I have 2 races I’m planning on running in April and one tentative one planned for May. That would make the count “7” if I keep to that schedule. That means, by the beginning of summer, I will be past half way done with my qualifying races. Then I can just run right after the summer when it’s more comfortable around September and October and BE DONE! I will have to see what race I want to volunteer for, though. That’s about it.

This isn’t the hard part… you know. The hard part is actually training and running after the qualifications.

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