This weekend I had the plague. Friday, I was all ready feeling under the weather. Yesterday, I was horribly achy, had a fever, and had chills… it basically HURT to sleep. This morning I was feeling reasonably better. My fever broke several times last night (and spiked back up), but stayed out of sight today. My achiness was mostly gone, except for a slight stuffy congested feeling. And you know when you’re sick and you have this bad taste/smell permanently lingering because you’re sick? Well I have that.

I went to get a haircut today. Of course every etiquette book, if they had a chapter for ‘how to be a decent human being,’ it would have a little paragraph on how I shouldn’t get services done while sick out of respect for others. Oh well. I was desperate for a haircut and well… germs are everywhere. Deal. I did shower, and I medicated myself so i wasn’t coughing or sneezing while in the chair. And my haircut was mediocre, since I went to a mid-price salon in Chinatown, which is still half the price of my guy in midtown. My hair looks manicured… and FLAT.

I also spent half the time kind of icked out at the place… after watching hours of Tabitha Salon Takeover on Bravo TV while I was sick. Look at all the hair just accumulating! Did my hairdresser actually lay the dryer down on the floor?! (Near the hair?!) They get “A” for effort, but the only reason I go there is because my best friend likes the place, so I go there to hang out with her. Also, it’s cheap. So… touche.

I’m hoping once I wash my hair I can style it differently. I am also hoping it’ll just get me through to the next full haircut. We’ll see.

Just to recap… PLAGUE, almost ‘deaded,’ fried brain and lost regard for people, walked into DIRTY DIRTY salon where they trimmed my hair for a minimal fee. Overall, I got what I asked for.

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