Here’s the thing, insurances, the different plans, the separate plans for health, dental, vision, home-owners/renters, pet insurance etc… I just don’t want to deal with it. I’ve gotten screwed over, especially with dental plans in the past. I’ve come to accept that it’s going to involve a continual *ss-r*ping, if I can be crude.

I’ve never had insurance growing up. I think I did up until a point where I got gravely ill and Blue Cross/Shield whatever refused to pay my parents and they went all rogue just paying for medical in cash. That might freak you out, but I was used to it. I went through years of life without any insurance. Now that I am grown up with a job, I have insurance for myself, but I can definitely understand why anyone would lose faith in the system and just say, “screw it!”

I got a root canal done on a tooth that is still a baby. Long story short, adult teeth doesn’t exist there, so I still have my baby teeth. Since I cannot afford a $3,000 implant, I would like to keep said tooth. I got a root canal done and a crown put on. The insurance paid for part of the crown, but I paid for all $1,200 of the damn root canal (and then like $300 or so for my part of the crown). It sucked.

This time around, when my crown came off, I am told that my current insurance isn’t accepted by them. I can either go somewhere else, or they will just charge me for the extra post they put in (and they will give me a crown free of charge). Fine. So I am going to pay them another $300+ for that. Are you following this, internet? SCREWED out of dental. What is the point of opting into my dental plan…? Should I change to a PPO that is accepted? Find another dentist? (I am a little sensitive to dentists)

Headache. And now, I need to find renter’s insurance. Really, I was skating by without getting one for so long. Recently someone in my building was in need of some security like that… I’m not sure of the details, but it reminded me to hop on it. Do you know how mind-numbingly annoying looking at different quotes and shopping around is? I am ready to almost throw in the towel.

I just really hate navigating these waters. I think that maybe I just want my choice eliminated. Just give me something and it will be the end of story. If it sucks, I can complain that it couldn’t be any other way and go on with my life. Of course I am only semi-serious…

For example, my mother’s Medicare. I HATE reading about what plans were discontinued, what she can do to amend get other drug coverage, and all these other companies wanting to sell her a second insurance. For the most part they all seem like scams. Like, really does she need an extra AARP plan that might make her primary insurance not want to pay for something because she has an alternate plan? Am I suppose to be doing something here? How do I advise her? How is she expected to know what to do?

Maybe this would interest me if I hedged and made bets, but really insurance shouldn’t be about that. We can’t really possibly be expected to make a choice on all these promises when we have no real way of knowing whether they will follow through. THAT is what really pisses me off. I don’t understand most of it but I’m forced to navigate the waters going on what little I think I get. This is exhausting and just depressing.

So much of a lot of businesses is dealing with abstract ideas of much speculation. You know, when businesses play with money they don’t have yet, but their projected profits for the future. We’re putting money away for very idea of some future we don’t know about. That’s fine. But even the insurance isn’t any guarantee that everything will be taken care of. Not to get all meta up in here, but we need a contingency plan on these insurance policies. For reals.

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  1. Perhaps the Japanese system is still better? Doctors get too much money and ass kissing. Not few lose the sense of money. Like artists, doctors should be paid less. Meanwhile, there should be a better education about diet, life style, and exercising at school, alongside basic medical training, to avoid the scams.

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