These past two weeks at work have been hectic. For one thing, two of the properties I work with within my organization is back into the swing of things and on sale. On the other hand, for these past two weeks, whatever can go wrong in a day… has. Things in my world, for the most part was quiet, but the pending issues that were piling up for the other properties were falling on my lap. It’s all in a day’s work, but one after another it was a comedy of errors. Last week, it bothered me. This week, I just laughed.

For example, the Content Management Application that we use in our department (that we had developed for our company) loaded new improvements, but with it, a lot of little bugs. Our poor project manager spent most of the week taking my department (and other department’s) shit about what didn’t work. (Of course, we knew it wasn’t his fault, but he took the issues quite seriously… and was definitely glad for Friday when it came around.) This on top of the normal office oddities and stupid shit that happens, was fun fun fun.

On the other hand, another coworker and I conspired to try to come up with a Tumblr blog, “Shit my coworker says,” or “#$%! HEADSMACK!” Except after a while it might be clear where and who I work for.

With last minute requests and stuff that gets forgotten, I always feel like I am the harbinger of bad news. Why is that? Of course I have my slip ups, too… which just eat into the time I don’t have. People are lucky that I felt too crappy to really take advantage of my full lunch hour… or felt too drained to really even go out in the rain to find food. (seamlessweb, anyone?)

It’s just one of those weeks. And the rain was miserable, but it worked well as a backdrop to this crushing week… and actually kind of helped me weed out stupid things I might do during the week, like get my nails done, or try to go out at night, or just have a good time. Whatevs.

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