I am just rubbish at packing. Terrible. A large part of it is that I don’t have any new clothes. Of course, this sounds shallow, but I am not excited about my outfits. I could care less about what I wear to work… as long as it is minimally coordinated. Otherwise, other than a flannel shirt and 2 sweaters, I don’t have any new winter gear. Old winter stuff seems to have worn away… and I feel like a bum.

I am bringing practically nothing. My bag will be relatively light. I wish I would could feel more “put together.”

Tomorrow, on the 31st, I will be traveling to the northwest in the evening. I will be somewhere in limbo when the east coast celebrates the new year. I will land around 11pm and hope to celebrate with a glass of champagne in the airport. Woop. I’m traveling tomorrow because the I get the most time out of the weekend and the flights are cheap. I get back on a flight leaving Sunday night and arriving Monday morning at 8am. Then, I head straight in for work. The flight itself was less than $500.

I was able to score a relatively affordable flight to Frankfurt earlier mid-year, for also around $500 round trip. However, since then, getting tickets during vacation time has been hellish.

All the airlines are getting rid of their amenities, however, I am pleased to report that American Airlines was fairly awesome when I traveled to Japan in July. Their in flight entertainment section really impressed me. They had tons of different genres of shows and movies (The Office, Iron Man, etc..). I honestly prefer that to the Jet Blue hundreds of channels, because depending on the time you fly nothing is available for watching.

I hate planes. However, here’s hoping that in 2009 prices for flights will be reasonable. In an optimistic note, Air New Zealand successfully completed a two-hour flight running on a part vegetable oil fuel, which is a big accomplishment in terms of sustainable resources. Let’s hope that the innovations in using jatropha oil, algae, and halophytes are successful!

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