This photo shoot in French Vogue shows the same 20-something model depicting the decades 10 to 60.

It’s pretty amazing what you can do with expression and props.

I very much like the fact that they were able to depict older age without gratuitous wrinkles and only by wig, make up, lighting, and expression. I think it was done fantastically! I also think this is interesting, because I buy it. I would believe these pictures to be true, because celebrities are all so wrinkle free.

There is Iman, who is 53. Pretty fierce, eh?

It isn’t the crowsfeet that makes someone appear to be older. According to this photoshoot, it’s a cocked expression, confidence, and certain vogue look. We all have that to look forward to, don’t we?

Ok, maybe it’s stuff like this that is raising the bar REALLY F*CKING TOO HIGH for us normal folk. Hrm. Which do you think it is?

2 Thoughts on “"Beauty at any age," they say…

  1. Iman has great tits is what I think. And, that’s just great tits not great tits for a 53 year old. I don’t even think mine look that great.

    Oh you want me to address raising the bar, um…

  2. Is this where I have to say something catty about photoshop? There will be none of that here. This is a supportive place… a supportive place where we should always stare at Iman’s breasts. There is only appreciation here.

    Eh. Fuck the bar.

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