My heterosexual life partner, Soph, was absent from the office for a week… where I had to take care of everything. After that whole mess, I have not been motivated to get anything finished.

I have stopped taking anything in this office seriously.

Andy was absent today, because he went shopping. Seriously. Wtf?

3 Thoughts on “My mind hasn't been at work..

  1. With the little bits I read about your current situation, I’m at a point where I feel like I’m watching a sitcom I’ve missed maybe 5 seasons of. And now a lot sounds mysterious to me… Have you gotten married to a person named Soph? Or is Soph a male co-worker who is exceptionally close to you? And I’ve lost track of the job description of “the office”? You could start something sur-real and I’d be up for it. I’d guess you’re too stressed to play with that often used outsider twist. Or life is simply too wild already. Often the best and the worst things happen when you have little to afford to write about them. I’m pursued with the daily routine too. Hmm.

  2. Soph is uh… the muppet girl I always hang out with. And Andy is a co-worker that I just cannot deal with. (yes, that is an “The Office” reference)

    I think I am reluctant to talk in detail about things with work online. I don’t want there to be a trail on me. ; )

    In other words, I am headed to Las Vegas in few days. The land of shiny!

  3. The shiny and dry. The maze and the cheap food. It’s a strangely tempting place even though I don’t gamble and do notice the zombies around.

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