I went ice skating at Bryant Park on Friday. It was impromptu, I was wearing only stockings and a short skirt and I was just getting off work. I was basically skating around next to barefoot (no socks). Still, achy feet and awkwardness and all, it was pretty damn fun. I have realized that Umis are not really ice creatures. They are also not very graceful or balanced (take that however way you want).

For the most part, people were tuned into my “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME WHEN I AM CONCENTRATING ON STAYING UPRIGHT” approach. Maybe it was flailing arms? Sometimes, inexperienced skaters would float through small 10ft crevice between myself, my arms, and the person next to me. WHAT IS UP WITH THESE ASSHOLES COMING 3FT OF ME?! IT’S FUCKING DANGEROUS!

Anyway, it’s free and so near that I might want to get a cheap pair of skates so I would go often. It is a great source of exercise.

Otherwise, I have been romping the city with Peggy, hitting Karma, Darkroom, 1847, and Park Club. Meow.

I am spent this weekend… too tired for words.

I am going to the happenin’ blind guy’s place later this afternoon… I will spend the late afternoon with him and his bottle of Pisco white brandy.

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