I still woke up at before 7am. I am so used to getting 5-6 hours of sleep, I wake up regardless of whether I am rested or not. So, I went to bed early and I still have bags under my eyes.

I am sad that Daniel is not in NYC, but he will have a great time in Germany. Sucks for me. ; ( I cry.


I still bother him on e-mail, though… hah hah hah. He shall never escape my grasp.

And, it is official that I work in The Office

5 Thoughts on “So, it's one of those things where I went to bed early..

  1. The Office, as in the comedy show? US version? How did you end up in that? Congrats.

  2. I work in “The Office,” as in, a more malicious psychotic place than the hit TV show. Unfortunately, my life is real and doesn’t stop going when commercials come on.

  3. What are the main characters (nickname + main characteristic + catch phrase) in your version of The office?

    And I think no one’s version of the work place stops with a break?

  4. By break I meant commercial break but now that I think of it toilet breaks are sort of relaxing at times. Really does depend on the work place indeed. The smokers seem often happy when the job allows them to freely take their 5 minute breaks. That said, the guys were nice through out the job. I’d really feel horrible if I had to feel stressed through out work. Is that what you are enduring? I also guess you’re getting paid well enough for it. I expect you to be running a major corporate project in no time. Then spend the profit vacationing for a year touring the world but always returning back to New York and appreciate the long and lazy bed breaks. I personally am far from any office and may never work for a formal office ever in my life. It strangely feels normal that I stay out in the wild, free but never secure.

  5. The two main players in this TV show are like hand puppets to me. They are both such caricatures, that what they say and I what I say to them has no consequence in the real world. Our CEO is the classic, caring and endearing, but things fly by under him type, to keep the television series going.

    Otherwise, there are the normal / interesting people, snappy firecracker of a girl who is hilarious, laid back rasta type, type A personality, and myself… more conflicted and a bit ambiguous. (of course, since it is from my eyes). I guess I am the one that gets bullied in a comical way by Soph.

    It IS like a complete TV show. Sitcom central.

    I surprisingly fit into the office mentality pretty well, as long as I respect my higher ups and feel that they are taking care of us. I am conflicted between living the poor bohemian academic life and the high powered ridiculousness of office life.


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