In the Times Science section today, there was a piece on a Pinta Tortoise who doesn’t have a mate. (link) The pressure is on, because he is the last of his kind. However, attempts to mate him or even arouse him have been problematic.

In the end, the author recognizes that..

But given George’s antisocial personality — he doesn’t like being around any other tortoises, male or female — we need to be considerate. If ultimately he’s just not that into Eve, then let Lonesome George be lonesome. We can’t expect him to save the species for our sake. It has to be good for him, too.

Poor George.

Doesn’t this put some of my woes in perspective? This is the age of disconnection.

One Thought on “Lonesome George doesn't seem too curious

  1. There is a difference between being alone plus content and being alone but in need. Both the desire to be alone and to be together are ageless phenomenons. Difficult to make a comparison between a society where the degree of connection is subject to a wide range of choice and one where the choice is limited. I think the choice to be choose self-content over continuation of the specie and that of procreating to the bitter end are both optimal choices. The choice to continue and procreate is a way to keep playing a game with a variable meaning. A big fat game. Play time.

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